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31/05/2020 31/05/2020 31/05/2020SeniorChapel ServicesPentecost TCH
01/06/2020 01/06/2020 01/06/2020SeniorOtherSustainability Week until 6th June S.COX
01/06/202008:1503/06/202017:0001/06/2020SeniorTripYear 8 SH Journey: Departing 08:15DartmoorJAR
01/06/202012:4501/06/202013:1501/06/2020PrepMeeting - OtherSchool Council Meeting G.BUTT
02/06/2020 02/06/202016:4502/06/2020SeniorTripYear 10/12 Fine Art and Photography Field Trip to Bristol: Departing 08:30BristolGAW
02/06/202012:4002/06/202013:4002/06/2020SeniorAcademicTeaching and Learning ForumBlundell's HouseNML
02/06/202014:0002/06/2020 26/05/2020PrepCompetitive EventAthletics at St Peter's: U7 (A) SS
02/06/202017:3002/06/2020 02/06/2020SeniorChapel ServicesQuiet Time followed by Holy Communion/Evening Prayer at 18:10 TCH
02/06/202019:0002/06/202021:0002/06/2020PrepOtherBlundell's Association Literary Event at the Senior School Ondaatje Hall G.BUTT
03/06/202014:0003/06/2020 03/06/2020SeniorAcademicRoots and Wings:Big SchoolOJL
03/06/202014:0003/06/2020 27/05/2020PrepCompetitive EventBoys' Cricket v Exeter Cathedral: U11a (A)  SS
03/06/202014:0003/06/2020 27/05/2020PrepCompetitive EventBoys' Cricket v Mount Kelly: U11b (H) SS
03/06/202014:0003/06/2020 27/05/2020PrepCompetitive EventBoys' Cricket v Exeter Prep: U10a U10b (H) SS
03/06/202014:0003/06/2020 03/06/2020SeniorSportGirls Cricket v King's College Taunton: U15 U14 (A) 14:30 Departing 13:00Queen's College, TauntonRJH
03/06/202014:3003/06/2020 27/05/2020PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Cricket v Millfield: U11a U11/U10 U10a (A)  SS
03/06/202016:0003/06/2020 03/06/2020SeniorSportBoys and Girls Swimming v Queen's College Taunton: U18 U15 (H) U18 U15 (A) 16:00 Departing 15:00 HLY
03/06/202016:1509/06/2020 03/06/2020SeniorSportGirls Cricket v Queen's College Taunton: U15 U14 (H) Queen's College, TauntonRJH
04/06/202007:4004/06/2020 04/06/2020SeniorChapel ServicesHoly CommunionLady ChapelTCH
04/06/202012:0004/06/202015:0004/06/2020SeniorOtherTiverton Town Council and Community LunchBeale CentreCEO
04/06/202014:0004/06/2020 28/05/2020PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Cricket v Mount Kelly: U9 (H) SS
04/06/202014:0004/06/2020 28/05/2020PrepCompetitive EventMixed Cricket v Mount Kelly: U8 x 3 mixed teams (H) SS
04/06/202014:3004/06/2020 28/05/2020PrepCompetitive EventBoys' Cricket v Mount Kelly: U9a U9b (A)  SS
04/06/202014:3004/06/2020 04/06/2020SeniorOtherTrip for Years 7-10 to see 'Mamma Mia' at the Bristol Hippodrome Theatre departing at 12:45 S.FALLON
05/06/2020 05/06/2020 05/06/2020SeniorChapel ServicesBoniface, bishop, martyr, patron of Devon, 754 TCH
05/06/2020 05/06/2020 05/06/2020SeniorOld BlundellianRoyal Cornwall Show ERS
05/06/202008:1507/06/202017:0005/06/2020SeniorTripYear 7 PGL Trip: Departing 08:15Beam HouseJAR
05/06/202009:0005/06/2020 05/06/2020PrepMeeting - GovernorsGovernors' Prep School Meeting - Beale Centre G.BUTT
05/06/202010:0005/06/202018:0005/06/2020SeniorMeeting - GovernorsGovernors' MeetingBeale CentreH.ALI
05/06/202012:0005/06/202012:4505/06/2020PrepOtherYear 2 and Year 5 Pizza Buddy Lunch G.BUTT
05/06/202013:4505/06/2020 29/05/2020PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Cricket Festival at Exeter: U11a (A)  SS
05/06/202016:3005/06/2020 29/05/2020PrepCompetitive EventBoys' Cricket v Claire's Court: U11a (H) SS
05/06/202017:3005/06/202019:3005/06/2020PrepMeeting - OtherParent Liaison and FOBP Summer BBQ at the Head Master's House G.BUTT
05/06/202019:0005/06/202021:0005/06/2020SeniorAcademicTrinity College - London Gold Arts Award Presentation eveningOndaatje TheatreGAW
06/06/2020 06/06/2020 06/06/2020SeniorOld BlundellianRoyal Cornwall Show ERS
06/06/202010:0006/06/202011:0006/06/2020PrepCompetitive EventYear 3 & 4 Tennis Festival (H) G.BUTT
06/06/202011:3006/06/2020 06/06/2020SeniorCompetitive EventCricket v King's Taunton: 1st XI (H) S.FALLON
06/06/202014:0006/06/2020 06/06/2020SeniorCompetitive EventCricket v King's Taunton: 2nd, U15A, U15B (H) 3rd, U14A, U14B (A) departing 12:45 S.FALLON
06/06/202014:0006/06/2020 06/06/2020SeniorCompetitive EventAthletics: Sherborne Relays at Yeovil Athletics Track: Boys O16, U16; Girls O16; U16: Departing 12:15 VJG
06/06/202014:0006/06/2020 06/06/2020SeniorSportWater Polo v King's College Taunton: U18 (A) 14:30 Departing 13:15 HLY
07/06/2020 07/06/2020 07/06/2020SeniorChapel ServicesTrinity TCH
07/06/202018:3007/06/2020 07/06/2020SeniorChapel ServicesSchool Eucharist TCH
08/06/2020 08/06/2020 08/06/2020SeniorTripArt and Design - Fine Art GCSE Trip to Tate Modern GAW
08/06/202009:0008/06/202016:3008/06/2020PrepDramaYear 6 Technical Rehearsal at Ondaatje G.BUTT
08/06/202011:0008/06/2020 08/06/2020PrepDramaReception & Year 1 Dress Rehearsal LLC
08/06/202014:0008/06/202015:0008/06/2020PrepOtherNursery Sports & Picnic Afternoon LLC
08/06/202017:1508/06/2020 08/06/2020SeniorOtherGirls Hockey Goalkeeping Clinic AJM
09/06/202009:0009/06/202012:4509/06/2020PrepDramaYear 6 Dress Rehearsal at Ondaatje. Years 1 - 5 to watch. G.BUTT
09/06/202010:0009/06/202016:0025/09/2020SeniorMeeting - OtherCanford Group - HE & CareersBealePCB
09/06/202010:0009/06/202014:3009/06/2020SeniorAcademicBlundell's University Challenge JAR2
09/06/202014:3009/06/2020 09/06/2020PrepDramaReception & Year 1 Summer Play LLC
09/06/202017:3009/06/2020 09/06/2020SeniorChapel ServicesQuiet Time followed by Holy Communion/Evening Prayer at 18:10 TCH
10/06/2020 10/06/2020 10/06/2020SeniorAcademicNQT Regional meetingBeale CentreNML
10/06/202013:0010/06/202015:3010/06/2020SeniorCompetitive EventSwimming: Tiverton Learning Community Primary Schools Swimming Gala - Exe Valley Leisure Centre S.FALLON
10/06/202013:0010/06/202015:3010/06/2020PrepCompetitive EventTiverton Learning Community Primary Schools Swimming Gala - Exe Valley Leisure Centre S.FALLON
10/06/202014:0010/06/2020 10/06/2020SeniorAcademicRoots and Wings:Big SchoolOJL
10/06/202014:0010/06/2020 10/06/2020SeniorSportCricket v Uffculme: U14A (H)  LJL
10/06/202014:0010/06/2020 10/06/2020SeniorSportCricket v Mount Kelly: U12A (H) U13B U12B (A) 14:00 Departing 12:15 LJL
10/06/202014:0010/06/2020 10/06/2020SeniorSportGolf v Taunton School:  AJM
10/06/202014:0010/06/2020 03/06/2020PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Cricket v Exeter Cathedral: U11a U10a U11/U10 (H) SS
10/06/202014:0010/06/2020 10/06/2020SeniorSportGirls Swimming v The Maynard: U15 U13 (H)  HLY
10/06/202014:3010/06/2020 03/06/2020PrepCompetitive EventBoys' Cricket v Millfield: U10a U10b (A)  SS
10/06/202014:3010/06/2020 10/06/2020PrepDramaReception & Year 1 Summer Play LLC
10/06/202014:3010/06/2020 10/06/2020SeniorAcademicWar of the Worlds at Exeter Northcott Theatre for Year 13 Literature students: Departing 13:30Exeter Northcott TheatreJBG
10/06/202016:3010/06/2020 10/06/2020PrepOtherA reduced Clubs' programme will run this evening for Year 3 - 6 G.BUTT
10/06/202019:0010/06/2020 10/06/2020PrepDramaYear 6 play at Ondaatje G.BUTT
11/06/2020 11/06/2020 11/06/2020SeniorExaminationsSpeech & Drama ExaminationsBeale CentreRCM
11/06/2020 11/06/2020 11/06/2020PrepExaminationsSpeech & Drama Examinations - Beale Centre G.BUTT
11/06/2020 11/06/2020 11/06/2020SeniorChapel ServicesCorpus Christi TCH
11/06/202008:3011/06/202009:3011/06/2020PrepOtherWhole School Photograph G.BUTT
11/06/202014:0011/06/2020 04/06/2020PrepCompetitive EventBoys' Cricket v Exeter Cathedral: U9a U9b (H) SS
11/06/202014:0011/06/2020 04/06/2020PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Cricket v Exeter Cathedral: U9 (A)  SS
11/06/202014:0011/06/2020 04/06/2020PrepCompetitive EventMixed Cricket v Exeter Cathedral: U8 x 3 mixed teams (H)  SS
11/06/202016:0011/06/202018:0011/06/2020SeniorAcademicL6 Cambridge Chemistry Challenge AJM
11/06/202016:3011/06/2020 11/06/2020PrepOtherA reduced Clubs' programme will run this evening for Year 3 - 6  G.BUTT
11/06/202017:4011/06/2020 11/06/2020SeniorChapel ServicesHoly Communion TCH
11/06/202018:1511/06/202019:1511/06/2020SeniorChapel ServicesDinner for confirmation candidates (Pilgrims)Beale CentreTCH
11/06/202019:0011/06/2020 11/06/2020PrepDramaYear 6 play at Ondaatje G.BUTT
12/06/2020 12/06/2020 12/06/2020PrepExaminationsSpeech & Drama Examinations - Ondaatje G.BUTT
12/06/2020 12/06/2020 12/06/2020SeniorExaminationsSpeech & Drama ExaminationsOndaatjeRCM
12/06/202008:1512/06/202009:1512/06/2020PrepMeeting - ParentsCoffee Morning for Parents in the Prep Atrium. Parents are welcome to attend the Prep School Prize Giving Assembly. G.BUTT
12/06/202009:1512/06/202012:3012/06/2020PrepOtherParent Cooking workshop G.BUTT
12/06/202010:0012/06/2020 05/06/2020PrepCompetitive EventIAPS Athletics at Millfield Senior School: U11 (A)  SS
12/06/202014:0012/06/202015:3012/06/2020PrepOtherSports Day for Reception - Year 2  LLC
12/06/202015:4012/06/2020 12/06/2020PrepOtherNo Clubs in the Pre-Prep, there will be Owls for those children unable to be collected at 3.40 pm G.BUTT
12/06/202017:0012/06/202018:0012/06/2020SeniorLectureResilienceBig SchoolAMTR
12/06/202017:1512/06/2020 12/06/2020SeniorMusic ConcertTeatime Concert - Years 9-13Music DepartmentOJL
12/06/202018:0012/06/202020:0012/06/2020SeniorOtherBlundell's Association Parent Tennis Club NightTennis CourtsKJW
12/06/202018:0012/06/202020:0012/06/2020PrepOtherBlundell's Association Parent Tennis Club Night - Senior School Courts G.BUTT
12/06/202018:3012/06/202021:0012/06/2020SeniorAcademicArt Champagne Celebration Evening -A Level and GCSE Art and Photography plus Staff Art ExhibitionOndaatje TheatreGAW
13/06/2020 13/06/2020 13/06/2020SeniorExaminationsSpeech & Drama ExaminationsOndaatjeRCM
13/06/2020 13/06/2020 13/06/2020SeniorOld BlundellianOld Blundellian Day OBCLUB
13/06/2020 13/06/2020 13/06/2020SeniorOutdoor PursuitsScuba Diving Club qualifying dives.Vobster Quay, Somerset.SMC
13/06/202008:4513/06/2020 13/06/2020SeniorOtherOB Day Service - Orchestra rehearsalChapelOJL
13/06/202009:4013/06/202010:3013/06/2020SeniorOtherOB Day Service - Choir rehearsalChapelOJL
13/06/202010:0013/06/2020 13/06/2020SeniorSportGirls Cricket v Devon Development: U13 (H)  RJH
13/06/202011:0013/06/2020 13/06/2020SeniorCompetitive EventAthletics: Devon Schools' Championships at Exeter Arena - selected athletes: Departing 10:00 VJG
13/06/202014:0013/06/2020 13/06/2020SeniorCompetitive EventCricket v Exeter School: U15A,U13A,U13B (H) U15B,U14A,U12A, departing 13:00 S.FALLON
13/06/202014:0013/06/2020 06/06/2020PrepCompetitive EventBoys' Cricket v King's Hall: U11a U10a (A)  SS
14/06/2020 14/06/2020 14/06/2020SeniorChapel ServicesNo service in chapel TCH
14/06/2020 14/06/2020 14/06/2020SeniorChapel ServicesTrinity 1 TCH
15/06/2020 15/06/2020 15/06/2020SeniorExaminationsYears 9, 10 and 12 Exams begin S.COX
15/06/202009:0015/06/202015:3015/06/2020SeniorOtherStaff Bereavement Training with Cruse Bereavement CareBeale CentreAMTR
15/06/202012:0015/06/2020 08/06/2020PrepCompetitive EventPrep Sports Day SS
15/06/202013:0015/06/2020 15/06/2020SeniorTripYear 7 & 8 Trip to Somerset County Cricket Club: Departing 12:30County Ground TauntonLJL
15/06/202016:3015/06/2020 15/06/2020PrepOtherNo Clubs for Years 3- 6, there will be Prep for those children unable to be collected at 4.30 pm G.BUTT
16/06/2020 16/06/2020 16/06/2020SeniorExaminationsYears 9, 10 and 12 Exams continue S.COX
16/06/2020 16/06/2020 16/06/2020SeniorAcademicYear 8 Islands Project runs until 18th June S.COX
16/06/202008:3016/06/2020 16/06/2020SeniorAcademicYear 11 tutor letters and Year 13 testimonials due S.COX
16/06/202009:0016/06/202016:0016/06/2020PrepTripYear 1 trip to Bristol Zoo LLC
16/06/202016:3016/06/2020 16/06/2020SeniorMusic ConcertSH Tea-time ConcertMusic DepartmentOJL
16/06/202017:3016/06/2020 16/06/2020SeniorChapel ServicesQuiet Time followed by Holy Communion/Evening Prayer at 18:10 TCH
17/06/2020 17/06/2020 17/06/2020SeniorAcademicThe Carnegie Award Winners Announced JBG
17/06/2020 18/06/2020 17/06/2020SeniorCompetitive Event2020 Schools’ Analyst Competition National Final - Day 1University of KingstonAJM
17/06/2020 17/06/2020 17/06/2020SeniorExaminationsYears 9, 10 and 12 Exams continue S.COX
17/06/202009:0017/06/202012:0017/06/2020SeniorAcademicBig Bang Fair for Year 9 TBC S.COX
17/06/202009:3017/06/202010:0017/06/2020PrepOtherNursery Performance Dress Rehearsal - Pre-Prep Hall LLC
17/06/202013:3017/06/2020 17/06/2020SeniorSportGolf v King's College Taunton: Golf (A) 13:30 Departing 12:40 AJM
17/06/202014:0017/06/2020 10/06/2020PrepCompetitive EventBoys' Cricket v Taunton: U10a U10b (A)  SS
17/06/202014:0017/06/2020 10/06/2020PrepCompetitive EventBoys' Cricket v Taunton: U11a U11b (H) SS
17/06/202014:0017/06/2020 10/06/2020PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Cricket v Stover: U11a (H) SS
17/06/202014:0017/06/2020 10/06/2020PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Cricket v Stover: U11b U10a U10b (A)  SS
17/06/202014:0017/06/2020 17/06/2020SeniorSportGirls Cricket v The Downs School: U13 (H)  RJH
17/06/202014:0017/06/2020 17/06/2020SeniorSportCricket v The Downs School: U13A U13B U12A (H)  LJL
17/06/202014:0017/06/2020 17/06/2020SeniorAcademicRoots and Wings:Big SchoolOJL
17/06/202014:3017/06/2020 17/06/2020SeniorSportCricket v Uffculme: U15B (H)  LJL
17/06/202019:1517/06/2020 17/06/2020SeniorCharity EventOH OlympicsBig FieldLPNB
18/06/2020 18/06/2020 18/06/2020SeniorExaminationsYears 9, 10 and 12 Exams continue S.COX
18/06/2020 18/06/2020 18/06/2020SeniorCompetitive Event2020 Schools’ Analyst Competition National Final - Day 2University of KingstonAJM
18/06/202007:4018/06/2020 18/06/2020SeniorChapel ServicesHoly CommunionLady ChapelTCH
18/06/202009:0018/06/202012:0018/06/2020SeniorAcademicBig Bang Fair for Year 9 TBC S.COX
18/06/202010:0018/06/202010:3018/06/2020PrepOtherNursery End of Year Performance - Pre-Prep Hall LLC
18/06/202012:4018/06/202013:4018/06/2020SeniorAcademicTeaching and Learning ForumBlundell's HouseNML
18/06/202014:0018/06/2020 11/06/2020PrepCompetitive EventBoys' Cricket v Exeter Prep: U9a U9b (H) SS
18/06/202014:0018/06/2020 11/06/2020PrepCompetitive EventMixed Cricket v Exeter Prep: U8 x 3 mixed teams (A)  SS
18/06/202014:0018/06/2020 18/06/2020SeniorSportCricket v Heathcoat CC: 1st (A) 18:00 Departing 17:15 LJL
19/06/2020 19/06/2020 19/06/2020SeniorExaminationsYears 9, 10 and 12 Exams end S.COX
19/06/2020 19/06/2020 19/06/2020SeniorAcademic - ScholarsUrban Drawing session with Royal Academician Jeanette BarnesOld GymGAW
19/06/2020 19/06/2020 19/06/2020PrepOtherLast Friday night Clubs Prep and Pre-Prep G.BUTT
19/06/2020 19/06/2020 19/06/2020PrepOtherBlundell's got Talent and Year 6 BALSA Activities - Prep pupils only pm G.BUTT
19/06/2020 19/06/2020 19/06/2020SeniorExaminationsTrinity Music Exams - Music Department S.FALLON
19/06/2020 19/06/2020 19/06/2020PrepExaminationsTrinity Music Examinations G.BUTT
19/06/202008:1519/06/202009:0019/06/2020PrepOtherPre-Prep Learning Showcase, Parents are invited for coffee from 8.15 am in the Nursery Foyer, then join their child's class at 8.30 am LLC
19/06/202009:0019/06/202015:3019/06/2020SeniorOtherPrimary Schools Cricket FestivalBig FieldLJL
19/06/202010:0019/06/202018:0019/06/2020SeniorMeeting - GovernorsGovernors' MeetingBeale CentreH.ALI
20/06/2020 20/06/2020 20/06/2020SeniorCompetitive EventAthletics: South West Schools' Championships at Exeter Arena - selected athletes: Departing 09:00 VJG
20/06/2020 20/06/2020 20/06/2020SeniorCompetitive EventGentleman's XI Invitational Croquet ChampionshipIAMS lawnEKGS
20/06/2020 20/06/2020 20/06/2020SeniorOutdoor PursuitsScuba Diving Club qualifying dives.Vobster Quay, Somerset.SMC
20/06/202013:3020/06/2020 20/06/2020SeniorCompetitive EventCricket House Matches S.FALLON
21/06/2020 21/06/2020 21/06/2020SeniorChapel ServicesTrinity 2 TCH
21/06/202008:3022/06/202015:0021/06/2020SeniorOutdoor PursuitsBronze DofE Assessed ExpeditionExmoorBAD
21/06/202014:0021/06/2020 14/06/2020PrepCompetitive EventBiathlon Year 5 & 6 - School swimming pool SS
21/06/202018:3021/06/2020 21/06/2020SeniorChapel ServicesSchool Service TCH
22/06/2020 22/06/202017:3022/06/2020PrepOtherYear 6 Induction at the Senior school G.BUTT
22/06/2020 22/06/2020 22/06/2020PrepOtherMove Up Day Nursery to Year 6 G.BUTT
22/06/202008:4022/06/202017:0022/06/2020SeniorDramaSH Play 'Sweeney Todd' Technical RehearsalOndaatje HallJAR
22/06/202015:3022/06/202016:3022/06/2020PrepOtherParents of Year 2 children meeting Year 3 teachers - Prep Hall G.BUTT
22/06/202017:1522/06/2020 22/06/2020SeniorOtherGirls Hockey Goalkeeping Clinic AJM
23/06/2020 23/06/2020 23/06/2020SeniorCompetitive EventSalters' Chemistry Challenge for selected Year 9 pupilsUniversity of BathAJM
23/06/202009:0023/06/2020 23/06/2020SeniorSportCricket v Taunton Prep: U13A (H)  LJL
23/06/202009:0023/06/202015:0023/06/2020PrepOtherNursery 2 trip to Haldon Forest LLC
23/06/202017:3023/06/2020 23/06/2020SeniorChapel ServicesQuiet Time followed by Holy Communion/Evening Prayer at 18:10 TCH
23/06/202019:3023/06/2020 23/06/2020SeniorDramaSH Play 'Sweeney Todd' Dress RehearsalOndaatje HallJAR
24/06/202008:3024/06/2020 24/06/2020SeniorAcademicYear 12 exam data and UCAS predicted grades entered S.COX
24/06/202009:0025/06/202010:0024/06/2020SeniorOtherTidcombe Primary Partnership, summer activity visitBlundell'sCEO
24/06/202014:0024/06/2020 24/06/2020SeniorSportGolf v Millfield: Golf (A) 13:30 Departing 12:40 AJM
24/06/202014:0024/06/2020 24/06/2020SeniorAcademicRoots and Wings:Big SchoolOJL
24/06/202014:1524/06/2020 24/06/2020SeniorSportCricket v Sherborne: U13A U13B U12A U12B (H)  LJL
24/06/202015:0024/06/202017:3024/06/2020SeniorDramaSH Play 'Sweeney Todd' workshop with Tidcombe Primary SchoolOndaatje HallJAR
24/06/202018:0024/06/202021:0024/06/2020PrepMusic ConcertSummer Concert in the Marquee: All Prep School pupils are expected to attend G.BUTT
25/06/2020 25/06/2020 25/06/2020PrepExaminationsABRSM Music Examinations G.BUTT
25/06/2020 26/06/2020 25/06/2020SeniorExaminationsABRSM Music Examinations - Music Department S.FALLON
25/06/202007:4002/07/2020 25/06/2020SeniorChapel ServicesHoly CommunionLady ChapelTCH
25/06/202008:3025/06/2020 25/06/2020SeniorAcademicYears 7, 8, 9 and 10 reports to House Parents. Tutors to review reports S.COX
25/06/202008:3025/06/2020 25/06/2020SeniorAcademicYear 12 UCAS subject paragraph deadline S.COX
25/06/202010:0025/06/202013:3025/06/2020PrepTripNursery 1 trip to Bickleigh Trains LLC
25/06/202014:0025/06/202015:3025/06/2020PrepOtherLast Toddler Group - Summer party LLC
25/06/202014:0025/06/2020 18/06/2020PrepCompetitive EventAthletics v Wellington: U8 U9 (A)  SS
25/06/202015:0025/06/202017:3025/06/2020SeniorCharity EventBLundell's 5k and Summer Fete in aid of Blundell's CharitiesBig FieldIR
25/06/202017:3025/06/2020 25/06/2020SeniorSportCricket v Old Blundellians: 1st (H)  LJL
25/06/202019:0025/06/2020 25/06/2020SeniorTripGirls cricket trip to watch England Women: Departing 17:30TauntonRJH
25/06/202019:3025/06/2020 25/06/2020SeniorDramaSH Play 'Sweeney Todd' Performance 1Ondaatje HallJAR
26/06/2020 26/06/2020 26/06/2020PrepExaminationsABRSM Music Examinations G.BUTT
26/06/202012:3026/06/2020 26/06/2020PrepOtherOB Parents Speech Day Lunch - Beale CentreBeale CentreG.BUTT
26/06/202012:4026/06/2020 26/06/2020SeniorTripYear 12 Physics trip to Geneva until 28th JuneGenevaROB
26/06/202014:0026/06/2020 26/06/2020PrepOtherSpeech Day in the Marquee: All Prep School pupils go home after Speech Day and therefore there will be no Clubs or Prep for Years 3 - 6 G.BUTT
26/06/202015:4026/06/2020 26/06/2020PrepOtherNo Clubs in the Pre-Prep, there will be Owls for those children unable to be collected at 3.40 pm G.BUTT
26/06/202016:3026/06/202017:3026/06/2020SeniorMeeting - ParentsYear 12 Parents' Academic ForumOndaatje HallS.COX
26/06/202017:3026/06/2020 26/06/2020SeniorMeeting - ParentsYear 12 Parents' MeetingBig SchoolS.COX
26/06/202019:3026/06/2020 26/06/2020SeniorDramaSH Play 'Sweeney Todd' Performance 2Ondaatje HallJAR
27/06/202010:0027/06/202011:0027/06/2020PrepCompetitive EventYear 5 & 6 Tennis Festival (H) G.BUTT
27/06/202011:3027/06/2020 27/06/2020SeniorCompetitive EventCricket v Sherborne School: 1st XI (H) S.FALLON
27/06/202014:0027/06/2020 27/06/2020SeniorCompetitive EventCricket v Sherborne School: U15A, U15B (H) 2nd XI, U14A, U14B (A) departing at 12:20 S.FALLON
27/06/202017:0002/07/202016:0027/06/2020SeniorOutdoor PursuitsCCF Summer CampOkehampton Battle campBAD
27/06/202018:1527/06/2020 27/06/2020PrepOtherNew Parents' Summer Ball drinks at the Head Master's House G.BUTT
27/06/202019:0027/06/2020 27/06/2020PrepOtherFOBP Summer Ball in the Marquee G.BUTT
28/06/2020 28/06/2020 28/06/2020SeniorCompetitive EventEquestrian: NSEA Show Jumping at King's Sedgemoor S.FALLON
28/06/2020 28/06/2020 28/06/2020SeniorChapel ServicesTrinity 3 TCH
28/06/202018:3028/06/2020 28/06/2020SeniorChapel ServicesSchool Service TCH
29/06/2020 29/06/2020 29/06/2020SeniorAcademicPupils to read and review tutor reports with tutors in tutor time S.COX
29/06/2020 29/06/2020 29/06/2020SeniorCompetitive EventSalters' Chemistry Challenge for selected Year 8 pupilsExeter CollegeAJM
29/06/2020 29/06/202016:0029/06/2020SeniorCompetitive EventSports Day - Year 7-8 EKGS
29/06/202009:0029/06/202015:4529/06/2020PrepTripYear 2 end of year trip - tbc LLC
29/06/202010:0029/06/2020 22/06/2020PrepCompetitive EventIAPS National Athletics at Bedford: U11 (A) Subject to qualification  SS
29/06/202012:4529/06/202013:1529/06/2020PrepMeeting - OtherSchool Council Meeting with the Head Master G.BUTT
29/06/202013:2029/06/202018:0029/06/2020PrepAcademicReception Profile Meetings with Parents LLC
29/06/202019:0029/06/202021:3029/06/2020SeniorOtherPimms and Pizza Evening - Yr12PetergateJHE
30/06/2020 30/06/202022:0030/06/2020SeniorTripWimbledon Trip: Departing 08:00AELTCBW
30/06/202008:3030/06/202017:3030/06/2020SeniorTripYear 9 Latinists to the Roman Baths, Bath: Departing 08:30Roman Baths, BathREM
30/06/202011:3030/06/2020 30/06/2020SeniorSportCricket v St Edward's Oxford: 1st (H)  LJL
30/06/202015:0030/06/202015:3030/06/2020PrepOtherTea for Two - Year 2 celebration - Pre-Prep Hall LLC
30/06/202017:3030/06/2020 30/06/2020SeniorMeeting - Common RoomCommon Room Meeting S.COX
01/07/202012:3001/07/202016:0001/07/2020SeniorCompetitive EventSports Day - Year 9-13 EKGS
01/07/202012:4501/07/202016:3001/07/2020PrepOtherNursery - Year 6 House Barbeque lunch and activities afternoon for Year 2 - 6 G.BUTT
01/07/202014:0001/07/2020 01/07/2020SeniorSportCricket v Exeter School: 1st (H)  LJL
01/07/202014:0001/07/2020 01/07/2020SeniorAcademicRoots and Wings:Big SchoolOJL
01/07/202015:0001/07/2020 01/07/2020SeniorCompetitive EventBlundell's Invitational Golf CompetitionTiverton GCAJM
01/07/202018:0001/07/2020 01/07/2020SeniorMusic ConcertSummer Jazz Concert - Big Field (Ondaatje if wet) S.FALLON
02/07/202007:4002/07/2020 02/07/2020SeniorChapel ServicesHoly CommunionLady ChapelTCH
02/07/202015:3002/07/202016:1502/07/2020PrepChapel ServicesLeavers' Service - Blundell's Chapel: All parents are welcome to attend G.BUTT
02/07/202015:3002/07/202018:0002/07/2020PrepMeeting - ParentsLeavers' Celebration afternoon for Year 6 Parents including the Leavers' Service and BALSA presentation  G.BUTT
02/07/202016:3002/07/2020 02/07/2020PrepOtherA reduced Clubs' programme will run this evening for Prep and Pre-Prep G.BUTT
03/07/202010:3003/07/2020 03/07/2020SeniorOtherChoir rehearsal for End of Term ServiceChapelOJL
03/07/202011:4503/07/202014:3003/07/2020SeniorOld BlundellianOB Current Parent & Grandparent Speech Day Lunch: OB Club OBCLUB
03/07/202012:0003/07/2020 03/07/2020PrepTerm DateTerm ends Prep and Pre-Prep G.BUTT
03/07/202012:3003/07/2020 03/07/2020PrepTerm DateStaff Lunch G.BUTT
03/07/202014:3003/07/2020 03/07/2020PrepOtherSenior School Speech Day G.BUTT
03/07/202019:3003/07/202023:5503/07/2020SeniorSocial CommitteeLeaver's BallSpeech Day MarqueeERS
04/07/202007:3007/07/202020:0004/07/2020SeniorOutdoor PursuitsGold DofE Assessed ExpeditionSnowdoniaBAD
05/07/2020 05/07/2020 05/07/2020SeniorChapel ServicesTrinity 4 TCH
18/07/2020 18/07/2020 18/07/2020SeniorCompetitive EventKayak Racing Squad: Icon Classic Ocean Race departing at 09:00WoolacombeAMTR
25/07/2020 25/07/2020 25/07/2020SeniorOld BlundellianMid-Devon Show ERS