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28/08/201910:0028/08/201912:0028/08/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby: pre-season training for senior squadBig FieldS.COX
29/08/201910:0029/08/201912:0029/08/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby: pre-season training for senior squadBig FieldS.COX
30/08/201910:0030/08/201912:0030/08/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby: pre-season training for senior squadBig FieldS.COX
31/08/201911:0031/08/201918:0031/08/2019SeniorCompetitive EventPre-season Rugby Tournament at Kingswood, Bath: 1st XV (A) departing at 08:30 S.COX
01/09/201911:0001/09/201918:0001/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventKingswood Pre Season Rugby Tournament: Departing 08:30Kingswood School, BathL.REYNOLDS
02/09/2019 02/09/2019 02/09/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherCommon Room INSET Day for Senior School staff S.COX
02/09/2019 02/09/2019 02/09/2019PrepTerm DateNon pupil day G.BUTT
03/09/2019 03/09/2019 03/09/2019PrepTerm DateNon pupil day G.BUTT
03/09/2019 03/09/2019 03/09/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherCommon Room INSET Day for Senior School staff S.COX
03/09/201910:0003/09/201912:0003/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby: pre-season training for senior squadBig FieldS.COX
03/09/201915:1503/09/2019 03/09/2019SeniorOutdoor PursuitsSenior Girls' Hockey pre-season training for Years 10 - 13 L.REYNOLDS
04/09/2019 04/09/2019 04/09/2019SeniorTerm DateSenior Boarders should return between 18:00 and 21:00 unless by prior arrangement with the relevant Housemaster or Housemistress S.COX
04/09/2019 04/09/2019 04/09/2019PrepTerm DateNon pupil day - Pre-season training Years 3 - 6 see timings below G.BUTT
04/09/201909:0004/09/2019 04/09/2019SeniorMeeting - Common RoomCommon Room Meetings S.COX
04/09/201910:0004/09/201915:4004/09/2019SeniorOtherInternational Students' Induction Day S.COX
04/09/201911:0004/09/2019 04/09/2019SeniorOtherInduction Day for Year 7 S.COX
04/09/201913:3004/09/201915:0004/09/2019PrepOtherYear 3 and 4 Pre-season training: Rugby and Hockey G.BUTT
04/09/201914:3004/09/2019 04/09/2019SeniorOtherYear 12 InductionOndaatje HallS.COX
04/09/201915:0004/09/201915:3004/09/2019PrepOtherOPRO Gumshield fitting Year 3 - 6 G.BUTT
04/09/201915:3004/09/201917:0004/09/2019PrepOtherYear 5 and 6 Pre-season training: Rugby and Hockey G.BUTT
04/09/201916:0004/09/2019 04/09/2019SeniorOtherNew pupils' teas in Houses S.COX
04/09/201917:0004/09/2019 04/09/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherHead's meeting with parents of new pupils in Years 9 - 13 S.COX
04/09/201917:0004/09/2019 04/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey pre-season training: Years 9 and 10Old AstroS.COX
04/09/201917:0004/09/2019 04/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventSenior Girls' Hockey pre-season trainingNew AstroS.COX
04/09/201918:3004/09/201919:3004/09/2019SeniorOtherSupper S.COX
04/09/201918:3004/09/201919:3004/09/2019SeniorTerm DateSchool House Boarders should return between 18:00 and 20:00 unless by prior arrangement S.COX
05/09/2019 05/09/2019 05/09/2019PrepTerm DateTerm begins G.BUTT
05/09/2019 05/09/2019 05/09/2019SeniorTerm DateTerm begins S.COX
05/09/2019 05/09/2019 05/09/2019SeniorAcademicYear 13 Futures sessions beginIT2S.COX
05/09/2019 05/09/2019 05/09/2019SeniorAcademicLaunch of Bronze Arts Awards for SH and Gold Arts Awards for Year 12 S.COX
05/09/201907:4005/09/2019 05/09/2019SeniorChapel ServicesHoly CommunionLady ChapelTCH
05/09/201908:2505/09/2019 05/09/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherMonitors' MeetingBealeS.COX
05/09/201909:0005/09/2019 05/09/2019SeniorChapel ServicesChapel for Years 8 and 10 - 13 S.COX
05/09/201909:0005/09/2019 05/09/2019SeniorAcademicMIDYIS briefing for Years 7 and 9Ondaatje HallS.COX
05/09/201909:3005/09/2019 05/09/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherHouse Meetings S.COX
05/09/201911:1505/09/2019 05/09/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherSH AssemblyOndaatje HallS.COX
05/09/201911:1505/09/2019 05/09/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherBig School for Years 9 - 13Big SchoolS.COX
05/09/201912:4005/09/2019 05/09/2019SeniorOtherSenior Choir first rehearsalVaughan Williams RoomL.REYNOLDS
05/09/201916:0005/09/2019 05/09/2019SeniorOtherYears 9 and 10 House induction S.COX
05/09/201916:0005/09/2019 05/09/2019SeniorAcademicIntroduction to the Enrichment Programme for Years 11, 12 and 13Big SchoolS.COX
05/09/201916:3005/09/2019 05/09/2019SeniorOtherChamber Choir first rehearsalVaughan Williams RoomS.COX
05/09/201916:3005/09/2019 05/09/2019SeniorOtherSchool House Games S.COX
05/09/201916:3005/09/2019 05/09/2019PrepOtherAll Clubs commence this week, please refer to your Clubs booklet for days and timings G.BUTT
05/09/201917:3005/09/201918:3005/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey pre-season match practice: 1st, 2nd, U15A S.COX
06/09/2019 06/09/2019 06/09/2019SeniorOtherHPV vaccinationsPetergate Common RoomS.COX
06/09/2019 06/09/2019 06/09/2019PrepOtheriLetter G.BUTT
06/09/201908:3006/09/201909:3006/09/2019PrepMeeting - ParentsNew Parents' Coffee Morning at the Head Master's House G.BUTT
06/09/201908:3006/09/2019 06/09/2019SeniorOtherYear 13 AssemblyOndaatje HallS.COX
06/09/201908:4506/09/2019 06/09/2019SeniorAcademicYear 12 Study Skills workshopOndaatje Hall and PophamS.COX
06/09/201908:4506/09/201910:3006/09/2019SeniorOtherTITAN Mouth guard fittingPavilionLM
06/09/201909:0006/09/201916:3006/09/2019PrepAcademicYear 6 BALSA Conservation Day G.BUTT
06/09/201913:3006/09/201914:0006/09/2019SeniorAcademicSH Activities FayreOld GymS.COX
06/09/201916:0006/09/201917:1506/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby for Years 7 and 8 S.COX
06/09/201916:1506/09/2019 06/09/2019SeniorAcademicEnrichment session 'New Beginnings' lecture for Years 11, 12 and 13Big SchoolS.COX
06/09/201917:0006/09/201922:0006/09/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherMonitors' event at Mill HouseBig SchoolS.COX
06/09/201918:3006/09/201922:0006/09/2019SeniorOtherYear 12 BBQMusic QuadS.COX
07/09/201909:0007/09/201912:0007/09/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherMonitors' event at Mill House S.COX
07/09/201910:5507/09/201911:5507/09/2019SeniorAcademicEAL AssessmentIT3 and DT2EJGL
07/09/201911:0007/09/201912:3007/09/2019SeniorOutdoor PursuitsGirls' Hockey training for Years 7 and 8 L.REYNOLDS
07/09/201913:0007/09/2019 07/09/2019SeniorOther'Headcase' review for all pupils in Years 9 - 13 who play rugbyBig SchoolS.COX
07/09/201914:0007/09/2019 07/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby Trials for all in Years 9 - 13 S.COX
07/09/201914:1507/09/2019 07/09/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Clifton College: U15A U15B (A) departing at 12:30 L.REYNOLDS
07/09/201914:3007/09/2019 07/09/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Clifton College: 1st, 3rd (H)  L.REYNOLDS
07/09/201915:3007/09/2019 07/09/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Clifton College: U14A U14B (A) departing at 13:45 L.REYNOLDS
07/09/201915:4507/09/2019 07/09/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Clifton College: 2nd 4th (H)  L.REYNOLDS
08/09/2019 08/09/2019 08/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventKayak Racing Squad: Poole Harbour departing at 07:00 S.COX
08/09/2019 08/09/2019 08/09/2019SeniorOtherAdventure and Leadership (afternoon only) S.COX
08/09/2019 08/09/2019 08/09/2019SeniorChapel ServicesTrinity 12 TCH
08/09/201910:3008/09/2019 08/09/2019SeniorChapel ServicesSchool Service: Preacher - The Head TCH
09/09/2019 09/09/2019 09/09/2019SeniorOtherLaunch of the Travel Photography Competition: entries close on 28th September S.COX
09/09/2019 09/09/2019 09/09/2019PrepAcademicMusic and Speech & Drama lessons commence this week G.BUTT
09/09/201908:3009/09/201909:0009/09/2019PrepMeeting - ParentsWelcome to Reception Meeting for Parents- Reception Classroom LLC
09/09/201912:4009/09/2019 09/09/2019SeniorMeeting - SLTSenior Leadership Team MeetingBeale CentreS.COX
09/09/201912:4009/09/2019 09/09/2019SeniorOtherHouse Captains of Music LunchStaff Dining RoomS.COX
09/09/201912:4509/09/201913:3009/09/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherSchool Council MeetingPophamS.COX
09/09/201912:4509/09/201913:1509/09/2019PrepMeeting - OtherSchool Council Meeting G.BUTT
09/09/201913:0009/09/2019 09/09/2019SeniorOtherMorrisby training for Year 11 tutorsIT3S.COX
09/09/201913:1509/09/2019 09/09/2019SeniorOtherSH Choir first rehearsalVaughan Williams RoomL.REYNOLDS
09/09/201916:0009/09/2019 09/09/2019SeniorAcademicYear 12 ALIS testsComputer RoomsS.COX
09/09/201916:3009/09/201917:3009/09/2019PrepMeeting - ParentsWelcome to Year 3 and 4 Meeting for parents - Prep Hall G.BUTT
09/09/201917:3509/09/2019 09/09/2019SeniorMeeting - HouseparentsHouse Masters and Mistresses' MeetingBowring RoomS.COX
10/09/2019 10/09/2019 10/09/2019SeniorAcademicYear 12 Art trip to the Tate Gallery S.COX
10/09/201908:3010/09/2019 10/09/2019SeniorOtherYear 9 AssemblyOndaatje HallS.COX
10/09/201908:3010/09/201909:0010/09/2019PrepMeeting - ParentsWelcome to Year 1 Meeting for Parents- Year 1 Classroom LLC
10/09/201908:3010/09/2019 10/09/2019SeniorAcademicYear 13 UCAS grades to be completed S.COX
10/09/201908:3010/09/2019 10/09/2019SeniorAcademicYear 13 target grades to be completed S.COX
10/09/201908:4510/09/201916:0010/09/2019SeniorTripYear 13 Biology Field Studies trip to a local farm S.COX
10/09/201913:0010/09/2019 10/09/2019SeniorOtherGH House photo S.COX
10/09/201915:4510/09/2019 10/09/2019PrepOtherJudo for both Prep & Pre-Prep children will take place in the Pre-Prep Hall for tonight only G.BUTT
10/09/201916:3010/09/201917:3010/09/2019PrepMeeting - ParentsWelcome to Year 5 and 6 Meeting for parents - Prep Hall G.BUTT
10/09/201917:3010/09/2019 10/09/2019SeniorOtherOrchestra first rehearsalMusic DepartmentS.COX
10/09/201917:3010/09/2019 10/09/2019SeniorChapel ServicesQuiet time in the Lady Chapel followed by Holy Communion/Evening Prayer 18:10Lady ChapelTCH
10/09/201919:3010/09/201921:0010/09/2019SeniorOtherInternational Students' Welcome evening CLP
11/09/2019 11/09/2019 11/09/2019SeniorAcademicD&T trip for Years 11 and Year 13 to the Design Museum departing at 08:00Design Museum LondonBW
11/09/201908:3011/09/201909:0011/09/2019PrepMeeting - ParentsWelcome to Year 2 Meeting for Parents- Year 2 Classrooms LLC
11/09/201908:4011/09/201909:0011/09/2019PrepOtherPrep House Assembly G.BUTT
11/09/201908:4511/09/201911:0011/09/2019SeniorOtherCVSSA Primary Schools every Wednesday morning until the end of termOld GymLM
11/09/201912:4011/09/2019 11/09/2019SeniorOtherMusic Scholars' LunchBeale CentreS.COX
11/09/201913:0011/09/2019 11/09/2019SeniorOtherSafeguarding TrainingM7S.COX
11/09/201913:1511/09/2019 11/09/2019SeniorOtherYears 9 and 13 'Connections' introductory meetingBig SchoolS.COX
11/09/201913:1511/09/2019 11/09/2019SeniorOtherSH Instrumentalists: first rehearsalVaughan Williams RoomL.REYNOLDS
11/09/201914:0011/09/2019 11/09/2019SeniorAcademicRoots and Wings for Years 7 and 8: Photo Wall and Garden Big SchoolOJL
11/09/201914:3011/09/2019 11/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby v Exeter Cathedral: U13A, U13B (A) departing at 13:15 S.COX
11/09/201914:3011/09/2019 04/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby v Taunton, Bristol Grammar & Millfield: U11a U11b (A at Taunton)  SS
11/09/201914:3011/09/2019 04/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby v Taunton, Bristol Grammar & Millfield: U10a U10b (A at Taunton)  SS
11/09/201914:3011/09/2019 04/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey v Taunton & Exeter Cathedral: U11a U11b (H) SS
11/09/201914:3011/09/2019 04/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey v Taunton & Exeter Catherdal: U10 (H) SS
11/09/201916:0011/09/2019 11/09/2019SeniorSportBasketball v Millfield: 1st (H) Sports HallMGL
11/09/201918:3011/09/2019 11/09/2019SeniorOtherNew Boarders BBQ S.COX
12/09/201907:4012/09/2019 12/09/2019SeniorChapel ServicesHoly CommunionLady ChapelTCH
12/09/201913:0012/09/2019 12/09/2019SeniorOtherYear 12 pupils to meet Miss Isdell-CarpenterE1S.COX
12/09/201913:0012/09/2019 12/09/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherWelfare Committee MeetingSecond Master's StudyS.COX
12/09/201913:1512/09/2019 12/09/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherNew Staff Induction MeetingStaff Dining RoomS.COX
12/09/201914:0012/09/201915:0012/09/2019PrepOtherToddler Group Commences G.BUTT
12/09/201914:0012/09/2019 05/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby Festival at St Peter's: U9 (A) Departing 12:45 SS
12/09/201914:0012/09/2019 05/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey Festival at St Peter's: U9 (A)  SS
12/09/201914:0012/09/2019 05/09/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey v St Peter's: U8 (H)  SS
12/09/201914:0012/09/2019 05/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby Tag v Trinity: U8 (H)  SS
12/09/201918:3012/09/2019 12/09/2019SeniorAcademicYear 13 Science pupils Pizza EveningPetergateGMLB
12/09/201919:3012/09/201920:3012/09/2019SeniorOtherInternational Students' Induction 1 CLP
13/09/2019 13/09/2019 13/09/2019PrepOtheriLetter G.BUTT
13/09/201908:3013/09/201913:0013/09/2019SeniorMeeting - GovernorsGovernors' meetingBeale CentreH.ALI
13/09/201908:3013/09/2019 13/09/2019SeniorOtherYear 12 AssemblyOndaatje HallS.COX
13/09/201908:3013/09/2019 13/09/2019SeniorAcademicDeadline for amendments to Year 13 subject paragraphs S.COX
13/09/201913:0013/09/201914:0013/09/2019SeniorAcademicMidYIS/YELLIS testing for all pupils new to Years 8, 10 and 11D&T DepartmentS.COX
13/09/201916:0015/09/201917:0013/09/2019SeniorOutdoor PursuitsSouth West Cadet 'Skill at Arms' Meet Yoxter RangesBAD
13/09/201916:1513/09/2019 13/09/2019SeniorAcademicYear 11 Enrichment: Morrisby testing in IT rooms S.COX
13/09/201919:3013/09/2019 13/09/2019SeniorMusic ConcertPeter Hurford Memorial ConcertChapelS.COX
14/09/201910:3014/09/2019 14/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey: Blundell's U13 Invitational Tournament U13A, U13B (H)  L.REYNOLDS
14/09/201912:3014/09/2019 07/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby Festival at Port Regis: U11a (A)  SS
14/09/201913:3014/09/2019 14/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey: Millfield Invitational Tournament U12A, U12B (A) departing at 11:45 L.REYNOLDS
14/09/201914:3014/09/2019 14/09/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Canford: 1st, U14B (H) 3rd, U15A (A) departing at 11:00  L.REYNOLDS
14/09/201914:4514/09/2019 14/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby v Canford: U16A, U16B, U15A, U15B (H) 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, U14A, U14B (A) departing at 11:00 S.COX
14/09/201915:4514/09/2019 14/09/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Canford: 2nd, U14A (H) 4th, U15B (A) departing at 12:15 L.REYNOLDS
15/09/2019 15/09/2019 15/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventKayak Racing Squad: Gloucester Canoe Haslar Race S.COX
15/09/2019 15/09/2019 15/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventEquestrian: NSEA Inter-Schools KBIS Arena Eventing Championships QualifierBicton ArenaS.COX
15/09/2019 15/09/2019 15/09/2019SeniorChapel ServicesHoly Cross Day TCH
15/09/201909:3015/09/2019 15/09/2019SeniorOtherChoir Rehearsal for Harvest Service S.COX
15/09/201911:0015/09/2019 15/09/2019SeniorChapel ServicesHarvest School Service for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 pupils and parents: Preacher - The Rev'd Tim Hunt, Chaplain TCH
15/09/201911:0015/09/201915:0015/09/2019PrepOtherFOBP Touch Rugby 7's Tournament for parentsBig School FieldG.BUTT
15/09/201911:3016/09/201917:3015/09/2019SeniorOutdoor PursuitsThe Williams Cup: Departing 11:30Wimbleball ReservoirCEO
15/09/201912:1515/09/2019 15/09/2019SeniorChapel ServicesHarvest Lunch for parents and pupils in Year 7 and those new to Years 8, 9 and 10Dining HallTCH
15/09/201913:1515/09/2019 15/09/2019SeniorOutdoor PursuitsYear 9 at the Williams Cup until 16th September S.COX
16/09/2019 16/09/2019 16/09/2019SeniorTripPractical workshop for Year 10 Art pupils at RHS Rosemoor departing at 08:45 S.COX
16/09/201912:4016/09/2019 16/09/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherOperational Leadership Team MeetingBeale CentreS.COX
16/09/201913:1516/09/2019 16/09/2019SeniorOtherGH Year 12 (except those joining this year) to IT3 for individual photographs S.COX
16/09/201913:2516/09/2019 16/09/2019SeniorOtherP Year 12 (except those joining this year) to IT3 for individual photographs S.COX
16/09/201913:3516/09/2019 16/09/2019SeniorOtherNC Year 12 (except those joining this year) to IT3 for individual photographs S.COX
16/09/201913:4516/09/2019 16/09/2019SeniorOtherOH Year 12 (except those joining this year) to IT3 for individual photographs S.COX
16/09/201917:3016/09/2019 16/09/2019SeniorTripYear 9 return from the Williams Cup S.COX
17/09/2019 17/09/2019 17/09/2019SeniorOtherDeadline for Year 8 to complete their 'Roots and Wings' projects S.COX
17/09/2019 17/09/2019 17/09/2019SeniorAcademicReal World Economics Competition TEC
17/09/201908:3017/09/2019 17/09/2019SeniorOtherYear 10 AssemblyOndaatje HallS.COX
17/09/201908:3017/09/201909:0017/09/2019PrepMeeting - ParentsWelcome to Nursery 1 Meeting for Parents - Nursery 1 Classroom LLC
17/09/201909:0017/09/201916:0017/09/2019PrepOtherYear 3 & 4 Outdoor Learning Day G.BUTT
17/09/201913:0017/09/201917:0017/09/2019SeniorDramaDrama: Physical Theatre workshopOndaatje HallTLW
17/09/201913:2517/09/2019 17/09/2019SeniorOtherFH Year 12 (except for those joining this year) to IT3 for individual photographs S.COX
17/09/201916:3017/09/2019 17/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey: Investec Cup U18 Round 1 v Queen's Taunton (H) S.COX
17/09/201917:3017/09/2019 17/09/2019SeniorChapel ServicesQuiet time in the Lady Chapel followed by Holy Communion/Evening Prayer at 18:10Lady ChapelTCH
17/09/201919:3017/09/2019 17/09/2019PrepOtherBlundell's Prayer Group Meeting - Blundell House G.BUTT
18/09/201908:3018/09/201909:0018/09/2019PrepMeeting - ParentsWelcome to Nursery 2 Meeting for Parents - Nursery 2 Classroom LLC
18/09/201913:3018/09/2019 11/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby Festival at Queen's: U11a U11b (A)  SS
18/09/201914:0018/09/2019 11/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby Festival v Queen's, St Peter's & West Buckland : U10a U10b (H) SS
18/09/201914:0018/09/2019 18/09/2019SeniorSportBasketball League (Round 2): 1st (A) departing at 13:00 MGL
18/09/201914:0018/09/2019 18/09/2019SeniorAcademicRoots and Wings: Team Building for Year 7 and Ocean Conservation for Year 8 OJL
18/09/201914:3018/09/2019 18/09/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Taunton Prep: U13A U13B (H)  L.REYNOLDS
18/09/201914:3018/09/2019 18/09/2019SeniorSportRugby v Mount Kelly: U12A, U12B (H) U13A U13B (A) departing at 12:40 L.REYNOLDS
18/09/201914:3018/09/2019 11/09/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey v St Peter's: U11a U11b (H)  SS
18/09/201914:3018/09/2019 11/09/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey v St Peter's: U10 (A)  SS
18/09/201915:0018/09/2019 18/09/2019SeniorSportGirls Hockey v Taunton Prep: U13C, U12A, U12B, U12C (A)departing at 14:00  L.REYNOLDS
18/09/201915:3018/09/2019 18/09/2019SeniorTripYear 13 Theatre Trip to 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen at the Bristol Old Vic, Bristol S.COX
19/09/201907:4019/09/2019 19/09/2019SeniorChapel ServicesHoly CommunionLady ChapelTCH
19/09/201908:4519/09/201915:4519/09/2019SeniorTripYear 12 Geography Fieldtrip to Lyme Regis Lyme RegisGAB
19/09/201912:4019/09/201913:4019/09/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherTeaching and Learning ForumBlundell HouseS.COX
19/09/201914:1519/09/2019 12/09/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey v Taunton Prep: U9a U9b U8 (A)  SS
19/09/201914:3019/09/2019 12/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby v King's Hall & West Buckland: U9a U9b (H) SS
19/09/201914:3019/09/2019 12/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby Tag v King's Hall & West Buckland: U8 (H) SS
19/09/201916:1519/09/2019 19/09/2019SeniorAcademicOxbridge interview training for Year 13 Oxbridge candidatesR1S.COX
19/09/201917:0019/09/2019 19/09/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherYear 12 'Welcome to the Sixth Form' and meetings with tutorsOndaatje HallS.COX
19/09/201919:3019/09/201920:3019/09/2019SeniorOtherInternational Students' Induction 2 CLP
20/09/2019 20/09/2019 20/09/2019PrepOtheriLetter G.BUTT
20/09/201908:1520/09/201908:1520/09/2019PrepMeeting - ParentsCoffee Morning for Parents in the Prep Atrium. Parents are welcome to attend the Prep School Harvest Festival Assembly G.BUTT
20/09/201908:3020/09/2019 20/09/2019SeniorOtherYear 13 AssemblyOndaatje HallS.COX
20/09/201908:4520/09/201909:1520/09/2019PrepOtherPrep School Harvest Festival - Prep Hall G.BUTT
20/09/201915:3020/09/201916:1520/09/2019PrepMeeting - ParentsYear 3 Parent Tea and Tours G.BUTT
20/09/201917:3020/09/2019 20/09/2019SeniorAcademicYear 13 Academic Forum for pupils, parents and tutorsBig School and Ondaatje HallS.COX
21/09/2019 22/09/2019 21/09/2019SeniorTerm DateLeave Weekend S.COX
21/09/2019 21/09/2019 21/09/2019SeniorOtherWorld Peace Day AMTR
21/09/2019 21/09/2019 21/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventEquestrian: ISODE at Stonar until 22nd September S.COX
21/09/2019 21/09/2019 21/09/2019SeniorChapel ServicesMatthew, Apostle & Evangelist TCH
21/09/201912:4521/09/2019 21/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey V Perrot Hill U13A (A) departing at 11:00 L.REYNOLDS
21/09/201913:0021/09/201914:0021/09/2019SeniorOtherSecond Hand Clothes Shop open S.COX
21/09/201913:3021/09/2019 21/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey v Perrott Hill U13B(A) departing at 11:45 L.REYNOLDS
21/09/201914:0021/09/2019 21/09/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Taunton School: U15A U15B (H) 2nd, 4th (A) departing at 13:00  L.REYNOLDS
21/09/201914:3021/09/2019 21/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby v King's Taunton: 1st, 2nd, U14A, U14B (H) U16A, U16B, U15A, U15B (A) departing at 12:30 S.COX
21/09/201914:3021/09/2019 21/09/2019SeniorSportRugby v King's Bruton: 3rd 4th (A) departing at 12:00 L.REYNOLDS
21/09/201915:1521/09/2019 21/09/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Taunton School: U14A U14B (H) 1st, 3rd (A) departing at 14:00  L.REYNOLDS
22/09/2019 22/09/2019 22/09/2019SeniorChapel ServicesNo service in chapel TCH
22/09/2019 22/09/2019 22/09/2019SeniorChapel ServicesTrinity 14 TCH
22/09/201911:3022/09/201912:3022/09/2019SeniorOtherSchool brunch S.COX
23/09/2019 23/09/2019 23/09/2019SeniorAcademicEuropean Week of Languages S.COX
23/09/2019 23/09/2019 23/09/2019SeniorAcademicYear 12 Futures sessions begin in IT2 S.COX
23/09/201908:3023/09/2019 23/09/2019SeniorAcademicYear 13 early applicants to complete personal statements/UCAS forms S.COX
23/09/201911:0023/09/2019 23/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGolf: HMC Foursomes Round 1 v King's Taunton (A) departing at 11:00 S.COX
23/09/201912:4023/09/2019 23/09/2019SeniorMeeting - SLTSenior Leadership Team MeetingBeale CentreS.COX
23/09/201912:4523/09/201913:1523/09/2019PrepMeeting - OtherSchool Council Meeting G.BUTT
23/09/201913:4523/09/201914:4523/09/2019PrepAcademic6MR Sketching Trip G.BUTT
23/09/201916:4523/09/201917:3023/09/2019PrepAcademicEnrichment meeting for pupils G.BUTT
23/09/201917:3523/09/2019 23/09/2019SeniorMeeting - HouseparentsHouse Masters and Mistresses' ForumBlundell HouseS.COX
24/09/201908:3024/09/2019 24/09/2019SeniorOtherYear 9 AssemblyOndaatje HallS.COX
24/09/201908:4524/09/201913:0024/09/2019SeniorAcademicYear 13 Business pupils trip to Heathcoat Fabrics Factory TEC
24/09/201908:4524/09/2019 24/09/2019SeniorTripYear 11 Geography field tripBristolGAB
24/09/201912:4524/09/2019 24/09/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherMonitors' LunchBlundell HouseS.COX
24/09/201914:0024/09/201916:2524/09/2019PrepOtherE-Safety workshop Year 1 - 6 G.BUTT
24/09/201916:0024/09/201917:0024/09/2019SeniorOtherPresentation to Parents of Year 8: 'Roots and Wings' projectsBig SchoolS.COX
24/09/201916:4524/09/201918:0024/09/2019PrepOtherE-Safety workshop for parents G.BUTT
24/09/201917:3024/09/2019 24/09/2019SeniorMeeting - Common RoomCommon Room Meeting S.COX
24/09/201918:1524/09/201919:3024/09/2019PrepOtherE-Safety workshop for staff G.BUTT
25/09/2019 25/09/2019 25/09/2019PrepTripYear 2 Explorer Day Out LLC
25/09/201912:4525/09/201914:0025/09/2019SeniorOtherResident Tutors' LunchStaff Dining RoomS.COX
25/09/201914:0025/09/2019 25/09/2019SeniorAcademicRoots and Wings: Animal Adventure for Year 7 and Foray into Foreign Languages for Year 8Big SchoolOJL
25/09/201914:0025/09/2019 18/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby Festival v St John's, Mount Kelly, Trinity & West Buckland: U10a U10b (H) SS
25/09/201914:3025/09/2019 18/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey v Plymouth Prep and Mount Kelly: U11a U11b (H) SS
25/09/201914:3025/09/2019 18/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey v Mount Kelly: U10 (H) SS
25/09/201914:3025/09/2019 18/09/2019PrepSportRugby v Plymouth Prep & West Buckland: U11a (H)  SS
25/09/201914:3025/09/2019 25/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby v West Buckland: U11b (H) G.BUTT
25/09/201915:3025/09/2019 25/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventNetball Festival: Years 8 and 9 World Cup Netball Celebration with invited local schools (H) CLP
25/09/201915:3025/09/2019 25/09/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Exeter School: 1st, 2nd (H)  L.REYNOLDS
25/09/201916:0025/09/2019 25/09/2019SeniorSportBasketball v West Buckland: 1st (H) Sports HallMGL
25/09/201919:0025/09/2019 25/09/2019SeniorOther'Life as a GP - an evening for potential medics with Dr Fitzherbert'Big SchoolS.COX
26/09/2019 26/09/2019 26/09/2019SeniorOtherEuropean Day of Languages CLP
26/09/201907:4026/09/2019 26/09/2019SeniorChapel ServicesHoly CommunionLady ChapelTCH
26/09/201913:0026/09/2019 26/09/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherWelfare Committee MeetingSecond Master's StudyS.COX
26/09/201914:0026/09/2019 19/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby Festival v Mount Kelly, Exeter Cathedral & West Buckland: U9a U9b (H) SS
26/09/201914:0026/09/2019 19/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby Tag Festival v St John's, St Christopher's, Mount Kelly & West Buckland: U8 (H) SS
26/09/201914:0026/09/2019 19/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey v Mount Kelly: U8 (H) SS
26/09/201914:0026/09/2019 19/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey v Mount Kelly: U9 (H) SS
26/09/201915:1026/09/2019 26/09/2019SeniorAcademicGCSE PE Athletics ModerationExeter ArenaS.COX
26/09/201919:0026/09/2019 26/09/2019SeniorOtherMFL0 Film NightMFLKJW
27/09/2019 27/09/2019 27/09/2019SeniorAcademicFulbright Commission USA College Day for interested pupils in Years 11 and 12ILEC Conference Centre, LondonS.COX
27/09/2019 27/09/2019 27/09/2019PrepOtheriLetter G.BUTT
27/09/201908:3027/09/2019 27/09/2019SeniorOtherYear 13 AssemblyOndaatje HallS.COX
27/09/201913:3027/09/2019 27/09/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey Tournament at Exeter Prep: U10a (A)  G.BUTT
27/09/201914:1527/09/2019 20/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby v Swanbourne: U11a (H) SS
27/09/201914:1527/09/2019 20/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey v Swanbourne: U11a (H) SS
27/09/201916:1527/09/2019 27/09/2019SeniorAcademicEnrichment for Years 11, 12 and 13: 'The United Nations - more relevant than ever before'Big SchoolAMTR
27/09/201916:3027/09/2019 27/09/2019SeniorMusic ConcertSchool House Teatime ConcertHead's GardenS.COX
27/09/201917:1527/09/2019 27/09/2019SeniorOtherYear 7 Parents and Teachers' informal drinksHead's GardenS.COX
27/09/201919:0027/09/2019 27/09/2019SeniorOther'The UN and Healthcare' - a fireside chat with Mauricio CysneBlundell HouseS.COX
28/09/2019 28/09/2019 28/09/2019SeniorExaminationsIELTS exam departing at 08:00Exeter CollegeEJGL
28/09/201910:0028/09/2019 21/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby Festival at Millfield: U9a (A)  SS
28/09/201910:0028/09/2019 21/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey Festival at Millfield: U9a (A)  SS
28/09/201911:0028/09/2019 28/09/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Exeter School: U12A U12B (A) departing at 10:00 L.REYNOLDS
28/09/201912:0028/09/2019 28/09/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Exeter School: U13A U13B (A) departing at 11:00 L.REYNOLDS
28/09/201913:0028/09/2019 28/09/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Exeter School: U15A U15B (H) 3rd (A) departing at 12:00  L.REYNOLDS
28/09/201914:0028/09/2019 28/09/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Exeter School: U14A U14B (H)  L.REYNOLDS
28/09/201914:1528/09/2019 28/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby v Sherborne Prep: U13A, U13B, U12A, U12B (A) departing at 12:45 S.COX
28/09/201914:3028/09/2019 28/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey v Taunton: 4th (A) departing at 13:30 S.COX
28/09/201915:3028/09/2019 28/09/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby v Cheltenham: U16A, U16B, U15A, U15B (H) 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, U14A, U14B (A) departing at 12:00 S.COX
29/09/2019 29/09/2019 29/09/2019SeniorChapel ServicesMichael and All Angels TCH
29/09/201908:0029/09/201917:0029/09/2019SeniorOutdoor PursuitsTen Tors Training Walk on Dartmoor: 45 mile teams BAD
29/09/201910:0029/09/2019 29/09/2019SeniorSportGolf v Old Blundellians AJM
29/09/201910:3029/09/2019 29/09/2019SeniorChapel ServicesSchool EucharistChapelTCH
30/09/2019 30/09/2019 30/09/2019SeniorAcademicFilm Festival Week until 4th October S.COX
30/09/201908:3030/09/2019 30/09/2019SeniorAcademicUCAS tutor references completed for early applicants S.COX
30/09/201908:3030/09/2019 30/09/2019SeniorAcademicUpper Sixth personal statements/UCAS forms to be completed S.COX
30/09/201908:4530/09/2019 30/09/2019SeniorTripYear 7 Biology TripGoodrington SandsLPNB
30/09/201909:0030/09/201912:4530/09/2019PrepOtherYear 5 & 6 Outdoor Learning Morning G.BUTT
30/09/201912:4030/09/2019 30/09/2019SeniorMeeting - SLTOperational Leadership Team MeetingBeale CentreS.COX
30/09/201916:4530/09/201917:3030/09/2019PrepAcademicEnrichment meeting for pupils G.BUTT
30/09/201919:0030/09/2019 30/09/2019SeniorOtherMr Mead's Film NightOndaatje HallS.COX
01/10/2019 01/10/2019 01/10/2019SeniorAcademic'Create Your Future' UCAS trip for interested pupils in Years 11, 12 and 13Excel Arena, LondonS.COX
01/10/2019 01/10/2019 01/10/2019SeniorTripFilm Studies pupils and Phoenix Society trip to BBC Studios, Bristol JBG
01/10/201908:3001/10/2019 01/10/2019SeniorOtherYear 10 AssemblyOndaatje HallS.COX
01/10/201909:0001/10/201913:0001/10/2019PrepOtherStarting at 9.00 am. Individual and Class photos. Toddler group photos will also be taken. No other events to be booked before 1.00 pm. Pre-Prep Hall & outside. We need to have N1 & N2 ready to go at 9.00 am as there was a delay last year. G.BUTT
01/10/201917:3001/10/2019 01/10/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherHeads of Department meetingBeale CentreS.COX
01/10/201917:3001/10/2019 01/10/2019SeniorChapel ServicesQuiet time in the Lady Chapel followed by Holy Communion/Evening Prayer at 18:10Lady ChapelTCH
02/10/2019 02/10/2019 02/10/2019SeniorCompetitive EventWest of England Independent Schools' Golf Championships until Thursday 3rd OctoberBurnham & Berrow Golf ClubAJM
02/10/201908:4002/10/201909:0002/10/2019PrepOtherWhole School House Assembly - Pre-Prep Halls G.BUTT
02/10/201913:0002/10/2019 02/10/2019SeniorOtherSafeguarding TrainingM7S.COX
02/10/201914:0002/10/2019 02/10/2019SeniorAcademicRoots and Wings Film Festival for Years 7 and 8Big SchoolOJL
02/10/201914:3002/10/2019 02/10/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby Triangular Tournament v Kingsley and Stover: 3rd, 4th (H) S.COX
02/10/201914:3002/10/2019 25/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby v Mount Kelly: U11a U11b (A)  SS
02/10/201914:3002/10/2019 25/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby v Mount Kelly: U10a U10b (A)  SS
02/10/201914:3002/10/2019 25/09/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey v Millfield: U11a U11b (H)  SS
02/10/201915:0002/10/2019 25/09/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey v Millfield: U10 (A)  SS
02/10/201915:3002/10/2019 02/10/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v King's Taunton: U14A U14B (H)  L.REYNOLDS
02/10/201915:4502/10/2019 02/10/2019SeniorSportRugby v Uffculme: U14A U14B (A) departing at 14:40 L.REYNOLDS
02/10/201916:0002/10/2019 02/10/2019SeniorSportBasketball v Queen's Taunton: 1st (A) departing at 15:00 MGL
02/10/201916:0002/10/2019 02/10/2019SeniorSportRugby v Heathfield: U15B (H)  L.REYNOLDS
02/10/201919:0002/10/2019 02/10/2019SeniorOtherMr Lodge's Film NightOndaatje HallS.COX
03/10/2019 03/10/2019 03/10/2019SeniorCharity EventHome Clothes Day S.COX
03/10/2019 03/10/2019 03/10/2019SeniorAcademicNational Poetry Day RSIC
03/10/201907:4003/10/2019 03/10/2019SeniorChapel ServicesHoly CommunionLady ChapelTCH
03/10/201912:4503/10/201913:3003/10/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherSchool Council MeetingPophamS.COX
03/10/201913:1503/10/2019 03/10/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherNew Staff Induction MeetingStaff Dining RoomS.COX
03/10/201914:0003/10/2019 03/10/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey v West Buckland: U9 U8 (A)  G.BUTT
03/10/201914:2003/10/2019 03/10/2019SeniorCompetitive EventNetball U16 National Schools' Tournament Area Round at St Peter's C of E, Exeter departing at 13:20 CLP
03/10/201914:3003/10/2019 26/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby Festival at King's Hall: U9a U9b (A)  SS
03/10/201914:3003/10/2019 26/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby Tag Festival v Plymouth Prep, Mount Kelly, St John's, Exeter Cathedral, Trinity, Exeter Prep & Taunton: U8 (H) SS
03/10/201916:0003/10/2019 03/10/2019SeniorOther'Lorna Doone' rehearsal for Chamber Choir with Dulverton School and Blundell's Prep SchoolChapelL.REYNOLDS
03/10/201916:0003/10/2019 03/10/2019PrepDramaLorna Doone Rehearsal for selected pupils G.BUTT
03/10/201919:0003/10/2019 03/10/2019SeniorCharity EventMiss Gill's Film NightOndaatje HallS.COX
04/10/2019 04/10/2019 04/10/2019SeniorAcademicYear 11 Employability DayOld GymS.COX
04/10/2019 04/10/2019 04/10/2019PrepOtheriLetter G.BUTT
04/10/2019 04/10/2019 04/10/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherHouse Parents' Conference Day 1Beal;e CentreS.COX
04/10/201908:3004/10/201909:1504/10/2019PrepOtherPre-Prep Coffee Morning for Parents in the Nursery Foyer. Parents are welcome to attend the Pre-Prep Harvest Festival Assembly - Pre-Prep Hall. LLC
04/10/201908:3004/10/2019 04/10/2019SeniorOtherYear 12 AssemblyOndaatje HallS.COX
04/10/201908:4504/10/201909:1504/10/2019PrepOtherPre-Prep Harvest Festival - Pre-Prep Hall LLC
04/10/201913:0004/10/2019 04/10/2019SeniorMusic ConcertLunchtime ConcertBig School FoyerL.REYNOLDS
04/10/201914:0004/10/2019 04/10/2019SeniorMusic Concert'Harry the Piano' workshop for pianistsBig SchoolL.REYNOLDS
04/10/201914:1504/10/201915:1504/10/2019PrepAcademic6AL Sketching Trip G.BUTT
04/10/201915:2504/10/201916:2504/10/2019PrepAcademic6MA Sketching Trip G.BUTT
04/10/201916:1504/10/2019 04/10/2019SeniorAcademicYear 11 Enrichment: Introduction to the Sixth Form Evening briefingOld GymS.COX
04/10/201916:3004/10/201918:1504/10/2019PrepOtherFOBP Pre-Prep Movie Night - Pre-Prep Hall G.BUTT
04/10/201917:3004/10/201918:3004/10/2019SeniorAcademicIntroduction to the Sixth Form Evening for Year 11 parents and pupils and prospective parentsOndaatje Hall, Big School and PophamS.COX
04/10/201917:4504/10/201919:4504/10/2019PrepOtherFOBP Prep Movie Night - Prep Hall G.BUTT
04/10/201919:0004/10/2019 04/10/2019SeniorMusic ConcertHarry the Piano concert Big School**OJL
05/10/2019 05/10/2019 05/10/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherHouse Parents' Conference Day 2Beal;e CentreS.COX
05/10/2019 06/10/2019 05/10/2019SeniorTerm DateLeave Weekend S.COX
05/10/201907:0005/10/2019 05/10/2019SeniorOutdoor PursuitsSub Aqua Club beach dives S.COX
05/10/201910:0005/10/2019 28/09/2019PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey Tournament at Queen's : U11a (A)  SS
05/10/201913:0005/10/201914:0005/10/2019SeniorOtherSecond Hand Clothes Shop open S.COX
05/10/201913:1505/10/2019 05/10/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Sherborne: U13A U13B U12A (A) departing at 11:30  L.REYNOLDS
05/10/201914:0005/10/2019 05/10/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey v King's Taunton: U15A, U15B (H) 1st, 4th (A) departing at 12:50 S.COX
05/10/201914:3005/10/2019 05/10/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby v Truro: 1st, 2nd, U16A, U16B, U13A, U13B (H) U15A, U15B, U14A, U14B, U12A, U12B (A) departing at 11:00 S.COX
05/10/201915:1505/10/2019 05/10/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey v King's Taunton: 2nd, 3rd (A) departing at 14:15 S.COX
06/10/2019 06/10/2019 06/10/2019SeniorChapel ServicesNo service in chapel TCH
06/10/2019 06/10/2019 06/10/2019SeniorChapel ServicesTrinity 16 TCH
06/10/2019 06/10/2019 06/10/2019SeniorCompetitive EventReichwald Fives Tournament (H) S.COX
06/10/201909:0006/10/201917:0006/10/2019SeniorOutdoor PursuitsDofE Bronze Expedition in Tiverton until 7th October S.COX
06/10/201909:0007/10/201917:0006/10/2019SeniorOutdoor PursuitsTen Tors Assessment on Dartmoor - 35 mile and 45 mile teams BAD
06/10/201911:3006/10/201912:3006/10/2019SeniorOtherSchool Brunch S.COX
07/10/2019 07/10/2019 07/10/2019SeniorOtherFIELD DAY S.COX
07/10/2019 07/10/2019 07/10/2019SeniorOtherYear 7 - Rosemoor Sculptural Multi Activity Workshop S.COX
07/10/2019 07/10/2019 07/10/2019SeniorOtherYear 8 - Cheddar Gorge Geography Trip S.COX
07/10/2019 07/10/2019 07/10/2019SeniorOtherYear 9 - Adventurous Activity S.COX
07/10/2019 07/10/2019 07/10/2019SeniorOtherYear 10 - Expedition Training S.COX
07/10/2019 07/10/2019 07/10/2019SeniorOtherYear 11 - Multi Activities S.COX
07/10/2019 07/10/2019 07/10/2019SeniorOtherYear 12 - Challenge S.COX
07/10/2019 07/10/2019 07/10/2019SeniorOtherYear 13 - Activity Day S.COX
07/10/2019 07/10/2019 07/10/2019PrepMeeting - ParentsPre-Prep Parents Meetings Week - Pre-Prep Classrooms LLC
07/10/201908:3007/10/2019 07/10/2019SeniorAcademicAll UCAS tutor references to be completed S.COX
07/10/201912:4007/10/2019 07/10/2019SeniorMeeting - SLTSenior Leadership Team MeetingBeale CentreS.COX
07/10/201912:4507/10/201913:1507/10/2019PrepMeeting - OtherSchool Council Meeting G.BUTT
07/10/201916:4507/10/201918:0007/10/2019PrepMeeting - Common RoomTwilight Staff Meeting G.BUTT
08/10/201908:3008/10/2019 08/10/2019SeniorChapel ServicesLatin Prayer S.COX
08/10/201909:0008/10/201916:0008/10/2019PrepTripYear 3 Geography visit to Knightshayes G.BUTT
08/10/201912:4008/10/201913:4008/10/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherTeaching and Learning ForumBlundell HouseS.COX
08/10/201915:1508/10/2019 08/10/2019SeniorOtherYear 6 from Blundell's Prep to visit School House S.COX
08/10/201915:1508/10/201916:3008/10/2019PrepAcademicYear 6 visit to School House G.BUTT
08/10/201916:3008/10/2019 08/10/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey v Maynard 2nd (H) L.REYNOLDS
08/10/201917:0008/10/201920:0008/10/2019SeniorCompetitive EventSenior Public Speaking CompetitionOndaatje HallJBG
09/10/201908:3009/10/2019 09/10/2019SeniorAcademicSubject data to tutors for Years 7 - 13  S.COX
09/10/201908:4009/10/201909:0009/10/2019PrepOtherPrep House Assembly G.BUTT
09/10/201909:0009/10/201912:4509/10/2019PrepOtherYear 4 Outdoor Learning Morning G.BUTT
09/10/201912:0009/10/201915:0009/10/2019SeniorOld BlundellianOB Winter Lunch: Speaker - Vic Marks (FH 1968 - 1973) 'Original Spin'Beale CentreS.COX
09/10/201912:4009/10/2019 09/10/2019SeniorOtherRHS Campaign for School Gardening: Big Soup Share Lunch.Dining RoomOJL
09/10/201914:0009/10/2019 02/10/2019PrepSportRugby v Exeter Cathedral: U11a U11b U10a U10b (A)  SS
09/10/201914:0009/10/2019 02/10/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey v Wellington: U11a U11b (A)  SS
09/10/201914:0009/10/2019 09/10/2019SeniorAcademicRoots and Wings: First Aid for Year 7) and Map Reading for Year 8Big SchoolOJL
09/10/201914:0009/10/2019 09/10/2019SeniorCompetitive EventNetball U14 National Schools' Tournament Area Round at Blundell's CLP
09/10/201914:3009/10/2019 02/10/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey v Wellington: U10 (H)  SS
09/10/201914:3009/10/2019 09/10/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby v Clyst Vale and Uffculme: U14B, U13A, U13B, U12A, U12B (H) U12 U13 U14 L.REYNOLDS
09/10/201915:3009/10/2019 09/10/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey v Exeter Cathedral School: U13A, U12A (H)Beale CentreS.COX
09/10/201919:0009/10/2019 09/10/2019SeniorMusic ConcertClarinet ConcertChapelS.COX
10/10/201907:4010/10/2019 10/10/2019SeniorChapel ServicesHoly CommunionLady ChapelTCH
10/10/201913:0010/10/2019 10/10/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherWelfare Committee MeetingSecond Master's StudyS.COX
10/10/201914:0010/10/2019 03/10/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby Festival at Stover: U9a (A)  SS
10/10/201914:0010/10/2019 03/10/2019PrepSportRugby v St Peter's: U9b (H)  SS
10/10/201914:2010/10/2019 10/10/2019SeniorCompetitive EventNetball U19 National Schools' Area Round Tournament at Clyst Vale departing at 13:20Clyst ValeCLP
10/10/201914:3010/10/2019 03/10/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby v St John's: U8 (A)  SS
10/10/201914:3010/10/2019 03/10/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey v King's Hall: U9a U8 (A)  SS
10/10/201915:1510/10/2019 10/10/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey v King's Hall: U9b (A)  G.BUTT
10/10/201917:0010/10/2019 10/10/2019PrepMusic ConcertTea Time Concert G.BUTT
10/10/201917:3010/10/2019 10/10/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherDiet Committee MeetingDining HallS.COX
11/10/2019 11/10/2019 11/10/2019PrepOtheriLetter G.BUTT
11/10/2019 11/10/2019 11/10/2019PrepAcademicEffort and Attainment Grades on the Portal, Prep only G.BUTT
11/10/201908:3011/10/2019 11/10/2019SeniorOtherYear 13 AssemblyOndaatje HallS.COX
11/10/201909:0011/10/201916:0011/10/2019PrepOtherYear 5 Outdoor Learning Day G.BUTT
11/10/201909:3011/10/2019 11/10/2019PrepSportGirls' IAPS Hockey at Queen's: U11a (A)  G.BUTT
11/10/201917:0011/10/201917:3011/10/2019SeniorMeeting - ParentsYear 9 Parents' Academic ForumOndaatje HallS.COX
11/10/201917:0011/10/2019 11/10/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Wellington School: 2nd U14A (H)  L.REYNOLDS
11/10/201917:3011/10/2019 11/10/2019SeniorMeeting - ParentsYear 9 Parents' MeetingBig SchoolS.COX
11/10/201918:0011/10/2019 11/10/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Wellington School: 1st U15A (H)  L.REYNOLDS
12/10/2019 12/10/2019 12/10/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherSenior School Open Morning S.COX
12/10/2019 12/10/2019 12/10/2019PrepMeeting - OtherSenior School Open Morning G.BUTT
12/10/201911:0012/10/2019 12/10/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Wellington School: U12A U12B U12C (H)  L.REYNOLDS
12/10/201911:0012/10/2019 12/10/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby Triangular Tournament v Exeter School and Kingswood: U13A, U13B, U12A, U12B (H) S.COX
12/10/201911:3012/10/2019 12/10/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Wellington: U13A U13B (A) departing at 10:30 L.REYNOLDS
12/10/201913:0012/10/2019 12/10/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Wellington School: U15B U14B (H)  L.REYNOLDS
12/10/201914:0012/10/2019 12/10/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey: 3rd v 4th (H) S.COX
12/10/201914:3012/10/2019 12/10/2019SeniorSportRugby v Kingswood: U16A U16B U14A U14B (H) 1st XV 2nd 3rd 4th U15A U15B (A) departing at 11:50 L.REYNOLDS
12/10/201919:0012/10/2019 12/10/2019SeniorMusic Concert'Lorna Doone' - 150th Anniversary Choral Concert for the Two Moors Festival at Dulverton Church. Choir departing at 13:00Dulverton ChurchOJL
13/10/2019 13/10/2019 13/10/2019SeniorChapel ServicesTrinity 17 TCH
13/10/201918:3013/10/2019 13/10/2019SeniorChapel ServicesSchool Service TCH
14/10/2019 14/10/2019 14/10/2019PrepAcademicYear 6 Circus Skills Workshop G.BUTT
14/10/2019 14/10/2019 14/10/2019SeniorOther13+ Sports Scholarships T.FRANKPITT
14/10/2019 14/10/2019 14/10/2019SeniorAcademicAS Tracking Assessments Week S.COX
14/10/2019 14/10/2019 14/10/2019SeniorCharity EventLaunch of the Rotary Shoebox Scheme S.COX
14/10/2019 14/10/2019 14/10/2019SeniorAcademicLaunch of the SH Art competition - entries close on 4th November S.COX
14/10/201908:3014/10/2019 14/10/2019SeniorAcademicTutor reports completed for Years 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 and 13 S.COX
14/10/201909:0014/10/201912:4514/10/2019PrepOtherYear 3 Outdoor Learning Morning G.BUTT
14/10/201911:0014/10/201912:0014/10/2019SeniorMusic ConcertTwo Moors Festival - Pleyel Ensemble: compulsory for all Music ScholarsBig SchoolOJL
14/10/201912:4014/10/2019 14/10/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherJoint Senior Leadership and Operational Leadership Team MeetingBeale CentreS.COX
14/10/201916:0014/10/2019 14/10/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby v Heathfield: U14 A/B (H) S.COX
14/10/201916:0014/10/2019 14/10/2019SeniorAcademicOxbridge mock interviews with Wellington School: departing at15:30Wellington SchoolAJRB
14/10/201917:3514/10/2019 14/10/2019SeniorMeeting - HouseparentsHouse Masters and Mistresses' MeetingBowring RoomS.COX
14/10/201919:0014/10/201921:0014/10/2019SeniorDramaLive screening from the National Theatre of 'Antigone' hosted by the Drama and English departments Ondaatje HallJBG
15/10/201908:3015/10/2019 15/10/2019SeniorOtherYear 9 AssemblyOndaatje HallS.COX
15/10/201908:4515/10/2019 15/10/2019SeniorOtherHouse Music Competition: solo classesVaughan Williams RoomS.COX
15/10/201912:4515/10/201913:1515/10/2019PrepOtherPrefect Lunch with the Head Master G.BUTT
15/10/201914:3015/10/2019 15/10/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby v Kingsmead School: U15B, U14B (H) S.COX
15/10/201915:0015/10/2019 15/10/2019SeniorMusic ConcertHouse Music technical rehearsalsBig SchoolS.COX
15/10/201917:3015/10/2019 15/10/2019SeniorChapel ServicesQuiet time in the Lady Chapel followed by Holy Communion/Evening Prayer at 18:10Lady ChapelTCH
15/10/201917:4515/10/201918:4515/10/2019SeniorOtherSupper S.COX
15/10/201918:0015/10/2019 15/10/2019SeniorAcademicUCAS final submission deadline for early applicants S.COX
15/10/201919:0015/10/2019 15/10/2019SeniorMusic ConcertHouse Music CompetitionBig SchoolS.COX
15/10/201919:0015/10/2019 15/10/2019SeniorLectureRGS Annual lecture: “32 counties: Inseparable Ireland and the Ulster problem” by Peter VilliersOndaatje Hall**AMTR
16/10/2019 16/10/2019 16/10/2019SeniorOtherPlease note that the school minibuses will not run this afternoon S.COX
16/10/201907:3016/10/2019 16/10/2019SeniorOtherPupils' transport departs to Heathrow Airport S.COX
16/10/201912:0016/10/2019 16/10/2019SeniorTripYear 11 French trip to Paris departs until 19th October S.COX
16/10/201912:4016/10/2019 16/10/2019SeniorTerm DateHalf term begins - lunch available S.COX
16/10/201913:0016/10/2019 16/10/2019PrepOtherPupils with siblings at the Senior School may leave before lunch at 1.00 pm G.BUTT
16/10/201914:3016/10/2019 16/10/2019SeniorTripFootball Tour to Madrid departs until 21st October S.COX
16/10/201915:4016/10/2019 16/10/2019PrepOtherHalf Term begins - No Clubs in the Pre-Prep. There will be provision available for children with siblings in the Prep School until 4.30 pm. G.BUTT
16/10/201916:3016/10/2019 16/10/2019PrepOtherHalf Term begins - No Clubs or Prep in the Prep School. G.BUTT
16/10/201916:3016/10/2019 16/10/2019PrepOtherHalf Term begins - Please note that the school minibuses will not run this evening. G.BUTT
17/10/2019 17/10/2019 17/10/2019PrepOtherStaff Inset G.BUTT
17/10/2019 17/10/2019 17/10/2019PrepTerm DateHalf Term G.BUTT
18/10/2019 18/10/2019 18/10/2019PrepTerm DateHalf Term G.BUTT
18/10/2019 18/10/2019 18/10/2019SeniorChapel ServicesLuke the Evangelist TCH
20/10/2019 20/10/2019 20/10/2019SeniorChapel ServicesTrinity 18 TCH
20/10/2019 20/10/2019 20/10/2019SeniorCompetitive EventKayak Racing Squad: Fowey Haslar Race S.COX
21/10/2019 21/10/2019 21/10/2019PrepTerm DateHalf Term G.BUTT
22/10/2019 22/10/2019 22/10/2019PrepTerm DateHalf Term G.BUTT
22/10/2019 24/10/2019 22/10/2019SeniorTripU13 Rugby Tour to Edinburgh until 24th October departing at 07:30 L.REYNOLDS
23/10/2019 23/10/2019 23/10/2019PrepTerm DateHalf Term G.BUTT
24/10/2019 24/10/2019 24/10/2019PrepTerm DateHalf Term G.BUTT
25/10/2019 25/10/2019 25/10/2019PrepTerm DateHalf Term G.BUTT
27/10/2019 27/10/2019 27/10/2019SeniorChapel ServicesLast Sunday after Trinity TCH
27/10/2019 27/10/2019 27/10/2019SeniorTerm DateBoarders return S.COX
27/10/2019 27/10/2019 27/10/2019SeniorTerm DateHalf term ends S.COX
27/10/2019 27/10/2019 27/10/2019SeniorTerm DateSchool House boarders return between 18:00 and 20:00 unless by prior arrangement S.COX
27/10/2019 27/10/2019 27/10/2019SeniorTerm DateSenior boarders should return between 18:00 and 21:00 unless by prior arrangement with the relevant Housemaster or Housemistress S.COX
27/10/201919:0027/10/201919:3027/10/2019SeniorOtherSupper S.COX
28/10/2019 28/10/2019 28/10/2019SeniorOtherLaunch of the Blundell's Christmas Card competition: Entries close 11th November S.COX
28/10/2019 28/10/2019 28/10/2019SeniorChapel ServicesSimon & Jude, Apostles TCH
28/10/201912:4028/10/2019 28/10/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherOperational Leadership Team MeetingBeale CentreS.COX
28/10/201915:0028/10/2019 28/10/2019PrepCompetitive EventHouse Matches - Years 5 & 6 (H) SS
28/10/201916:4528/10/2019 28/10/2019PrepMeeting - ParentsYear 4 Parents' Evening - Prep Hall G.BUTT
28/10/201917:3528/10/2019 28/10/2019SeniorMeeting - HouseparentsHouse Masters and Mistresses' MeetingBowring RoomS.COX
29/10/201909:0029/10/201916:3029/10/2019PrepOtherYear 4 History Day G.BUTT
29/10/201914:0029/10/2019 29/10/2019PrepMeeting - Parents3WH Parents' Afternoon - Year 3 classrooms G.BUTT
29/10/201917:0029/10/201920:0029/10/2019SeniorCompetitive EventJunior Public Speaking CompetitionOndaatje HallJBG
29/10/201917:0029/10/201920:0029/10/2019SeniorOtherYear 10 AssemblyOndaatje HallS.COX
29/10/201917:3029/10/2019 29/10/2019SeniorChapel ServicesQuiet time in the Lady Chapel followed by Holy Communion/Evening Prayer at 18:10Lady ChapelTCH
30/10/2019 30/10/2019 30/10/2019SeniorAcademicCIE Geography Exam - morning session S.COX
30/10/201909:0030/10/2019 30/10/2019SeniorAcademicUniversity Admissions TestsBig SchoolS.COX
30/10/201914:0030/10/2019 30/10/2019SeniorAcademicRoots and Wings: SH Public Speaking CompetitionOndaatje Hall and ChapelOJL
30/10/201914:0030/10/2019 23/10/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby v St John's & Trinity: U11a U11b (A at St John's)  SS
30/10/201914:0030/10/2019 23/10/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby v Trinity: U10a U10b (H) SS
30/10/201914:1530/10/2019 30/10/2019SeniorSportRugby v Uffculme: U16A U16B (H)  L.REYNOLDS
30/10/201914:3023/10/2019 30/10/2019PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey v St John's: U11a U10 (H) SS
30/10/201914:3030/10/2019 30/10/2019PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey v Trinity: U11b (H) G.BUTT
30/10/201915:4530/10/2019 30/10/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherHealth and Safety Committee MeetingBeale CentreS.COX
31/10/201907:4031/10/2019 31/10/2019SeniorChapel ServicesHoly CommunionLady ChapelTCH
31/10/201912:4531/10/201913:3031/10/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherSchool Council Meeting S.COX
31/10/201914:0031/10/2019 31/10/2019PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey v Trinity: U9b (H) G.BUTT
31/10/201914:0031/10/2019 24/10/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby Festival v Stover, King's Hall & St John's: U9a U9b (H) SS
31/10/201914:0031/10/2019 24/10/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey v Stover: U9 (H)  SS
31/10/201914:0031/10/2019 24/10/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby Tag v Stover: U8 (H) SS
31/10/201914:0031/10/2019 31/10/2019PrepSportGirls Hockey v Stover: U8 (H)  G.BUTT
31/10/201919:3031/10/2019 31/10/2019SeniorSocial CommitteeSixth Form Halloween SocialOndaatje HallS.COX
01/11/2019 01/11/2019 01/11/2019SeniorExaminationsCIE Geography exam - morning sessionBig SchoolS.COX
01/11/2019 01/11/2019 01/11/2019PrepOtheriLetter G.BUTT
01/11/2019 01/11/2019 01/11/2019SeniorChapel ServicesAll Saints Day TCH
01/11/201908:3001/11/2019 01/11/2019SeniorOtherYear 13 AssemblyOndaatje HallS.COX
01/11/201914:1501/11/201915:3001/11/2019PrepOtherNursery Activity afternoon G.BUTT
01/11/201916:0001/11/2019 01/11/2019SeniorAcademicOxbridge talk by Dr Helen Watson, tutor for Admissions at St John's College, CambridgeBeale CentreS.COX
01/11/201916:1501/11/2019 01/11/2019SeniorOtherYear 12 Enrichment: 'Learn 2 Live'Big SchoolS.COX
01/11/201916:1501/11/2019 01/11/2019SeniorDramaSenior School Play rehearsal 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles DickensOndaatje HallBJB
01/11/201919:0001/11/2019 01/11/2019SeniorOtherFireside Chat with Dr Helen WatsonBlundell HouseS.COX
02/11/2019 02/11/2019 02/11/2019PrepOtherYear 6 Guest Morning at the Senior School G.BUTT
02/11/2019 02/11/2019 02/11/2019SeniorChapel ServicesAll Souls' Day TCH
02/11/201909:3002/11/2019 02/11/2019SeniorOtherGuest Morning for Year 6 Blundell's Prep parents S.COX
02/11/201913:0002/11/201915:0002/11/2019SeniorOutdoor PursuitsGirls' Hockey: Cup training for U18, U16, U14 (H) L.REYNOLDS
02/11/201914:1502/11/2019 02/11/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby v Downside: U15A, U15B, U14A, U14B (H) 1st, 2nd, U16A, U13A, U13B (A) departing at 12:00 S.COX
03/11/2019 03/11/2019 03/11/2019SeniorCompetitive EventEquestrian: NSEA Eventer's ChallengePontispoolS.COX
03/11/2019 03/11/2019 03/11/2019SeniorChapel Services4th Sunday before Advent TCH
03/11/201909:0003/11/201917:0003/11/2019SeniorOutdoor PursuitsTen Tors Training Expedition on Dartmoor: 35 mile and 45 mile teams BAD
03/11/201911:3003/11/201912:3003/11/2019SeniorOtherSchool Brunch S.COX
03/11/201918:3003/11/2019 03/11/2019SeniorChapel ServicesNorth Close School ServiceChapelTCH
04/11/2019 04/11/2019 04/11/2019SeniorDramaYear 11 GCSE Drama Assessment WeekOndaatje HallBJB
04/11/2019 04/11/2019 04/11/2019SeniorOtherKindness and Tolerance Week S.COX
04/11/2019 04/11/2019 04/11/2019PrepOtherKindness and Tolerance Week G.BUTT
04/11/201909:0004/11/201912:0004/11/2019SeniorMeeting - GovernorsGovernors' MeetingBeale CentreH.ALI
04/11/201912:4004/11/2019 04/11/2019SeniorMeeting - SLTSenior Leadership Team MeetingBeale CentreS.COX
04/11/201912:4504/11/201913:1504/11/2019PrepMeeting - OtherSchool Council Meeting G.BUTT
04/11/201919:1504/11/201920:0004/11/2019SeniorOtherSenior School Firework Display S.COX
04/11/201920:0004/11/2019 04/11/2019SeniorOtherYears 9 and 13 Connections QuizBig SchoolS.COX
05/11/2019 05/11/2019 05/11/2019SeniorExaminationsGCSE Maths exam - morning session S.COX
05/11/2019 05/11/2019 05/11/2019SeniorOther16+ Academic, Art, Drama and Sport ScholarshipsBig SchoolT.FRANKPITT
05/11/201908:3005/11/2019 05/11/2019SeniorOtherYear 9 AssemblyOndaatje HallS.COX
05/11/201910:0005/11/201911:1505/11/2019PrepOtherMessy play morning for children aged 1-4 years G.BUTT
05/11/201911:0005/11/2019 05/11/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey - VII a-side County Round: U14B/C (H) S.COX
05/11/201913:1505/11/2019 05/11/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherJCC MeetingHead's StudyS.COX
05/11/201914:0005/11/2019 05/11/2019PrepMeeting - Parents3SH Parents' Afternoon - Year 3 classrooms G.BUTT
05/11/201914:0005/11/2019 29/10/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby Tag and Girls' Hockey Festival at St Peter's: U7 (A) Departing 13:00 SS
05/11/201916:3005/11/201921:0005/11/2019SeniorOtherESU Public Speaking CompetitionOndaatje HallS.COX
05/11/201917:3005/11/2019 05/11/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherHeads of Department MeetingBeale CentreS.COX
05/11/201917:3005/11/2019 05/11/2019SeniorChapel ServicesQuiet time in the Lady Chapel followed by Holy Communion/Evening Prayer at 18:10Lady ChapelTCH
06/11/201914:0006/11/2019 06/11/2019SeniorAcademicRoots and Wings: Diwali for Year 7 and How Memory Works for Year 8Big SchoolOJL
06/11/201914:0006/11/2019 06/11/2019SeniorOther16+ Music ScholarshipsMusic DepartmentT.FRANKPITT
06/11/201914:0006/11/2019 30/10/2019PrepSportRugby v King's Hall: U10a U10b (A) Departing 13:15 SS
06/11/201914:1506/11/2019 30/10/2019PrepSportRugby v King's Hall: U11a U11b (H)  SS
06/11/201914:1506/11/2019 06/11/2019SeniorSportRugby v King's Hall: U13A U13B (H) U12A U12B (A) departing at 13:00 L.REYNOLDS
06/11/201914:3006/11/2019 30/10/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey v The Maynard: U11b (A) Departing 13:15 SS
06/11/201914:3006/11/2019 30/10/2019PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey v Stover & Stockland: U11a U10 (H) SS
06/11/201915:1506/11/2019 06/11/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v King's Hall: U13A U12B (H)  L.REYNOLDS
06/11/201915:4506/11/2019 06/11/2019SeniorSportGirls Hockey v King's Hall: U13C, U12C (A) departing at 14:45 L.REYNOLDS
06/11/201916:0006/11/2019 06/11/2019SeniorSportGirls Hockey v King's Hall: U13B U12A (H)  L.REYNOLDS
06/11/201916:0006/11/2019 06/11/2019SeniorSportBasketball v Taunton School: 1st (A) departing at 15:00 MGL
06/11/201919:0006/11/2019 06/11/2019SeniorMusic ConcertMusic Scholars' ConcertOndaatje Hall**L.REYNOLDS
07/11/2019 07/11/2019 07/11/2019SeniorExaminationsGCSE Maths exam - morning session S.COX
07/11/201907:4007/11/2019 07/11/2019SeniorChapel ServicesHoly CommunionLady ChapelTCH
07/11/201907:4507/11/201914:0007/11/2019SeniorAcademicEconomics department trip to Hinkley Point C  TEC
07/11/201913:0007/11/2019 07/11/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherWelfare Committee MeetingSecond Master's StudyS.COX
07/11/201914:0007/11/2019 31/10/2019PrepSportRugby v Exeter Prep: U9a U9b (H)  SS
07/11/201914:0007/11/2019 07/11/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey v Exeter Prep: U9a U9b (H)  G.BUTT
07/11/201914:0007/11/2019 07/11/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey v Exeter Prep: U8 (H)  G.BUTT
07/11/201914:3007/11/2019 31/10/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby Tag v St Christopher's: U8 (A) Departing 12:45 SS
07/11/201916:0007/11/2019 07/11/2019SeniorAcademicUK Senior Maths Challenge (non choir members)Big SchoolHRS
07/11/201917:3007/11/2019 07/11/2019PrepOtherFOBP Bonfire Party - Fireworks at 6.30 pm G.BUTT
07/11/201919:0007/11/2019 07/11/2019SeniorMeeting - Other'You're not in this alone' - a Year 8 Parents' Discussion EveningBeale CentreS.COX
08/11/2019 08/11/2019 08/11/2019PrepOtherCalendar Deadline for next term G.BUTT
08/11/2019 08/11/2019 08/11/2019PrepOtheriLetter G.BUTT
08/11/201908:3008/11/2019 08/11/2019SeniorOtherYear 12 AssemblyOndaatje HallS.COX
08/11/201912:4508/11/2019 08/11/2019SeniorMusic ConcertVocal Concert and Masterclass by Apollo 5 fir singers in Years 7 - 11Powderham CastleAG
08/11/201913:0008/11/2019 08/11/2019SeniorOtherSafeguarding TrainingM7S.COX
08/11/201916:1508/11/2019 08/11/2019SeniorAcademicYear 11 Enrichment Session: 'Introduction to A Level options and taster lessons'Old GymS.COX
08/11/201916:1508/11/2019 08/11/2019SeniorAcademicYears 12 and 13 Enrichment Session: 'Get Home Safe'Big SchoolS.COX
08/11/201916:1508/11/2019 08/11/2019SeniorDramaSenior School Play rehearsal 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles DickensOndaatje HallBJB
08/11/201918:3008/11/2019 08/11/2019SeniorTripSnarky Puppy in concert for Year 13 Academic Music Students departing at 16:00O2 Academy, BristolOJL
09/11/201910:0009/11/2019 02/11/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby Festival at Queen's: U10a (A) Departing 09:00 SS
09/11/201913:3009/11/2019 09/11/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v The Downs School: U13A U13B (A) departing at 11:45 L.REYNOLDS
09/11/201914:0009/11/2019 09/11/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby v Millfield Prep: U12A, U12B (A) departing at 12:00 S.COX
09/11/201914:1509/11/2019 09/11/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby v Millfield: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, U14A, U14B (H) U16A, U16B, U15A, U15B (A) departing at 12:00 S.COX
09/11/201914:1509/11/2019 09/11/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v King's Bruton: 1st, 3rd (H) U15A, U15B (A) departing at 12:15 L.REYNOLDS
09/11/201914:3009/11/2019 09/11/2019SeniorSportGirls Hockey v The Downs School: U12A (A) departing at 12:45 L.REYNOLDS
09/11/201915:3009/11/2019 09/11/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v King's Bruton: 2nd, 4th (H) U14A U14B (A) departing at 13:30 L.REYNOLDS
10/11/2019 10/11/2019 10/11/2019SeniorChapel ServicesRemembrance Sunday TCH
10/11/2019 10/11/2019 10/11/2019SeniorDramaGorton House play technical rehearsal - afternoon sessionOndaatje HallS.COX
10/11/201909:0024/11/201917:0010/11/2019SeniorOutdoor PursuitsTen Tors 35/45 Mile TeamsDartmoorBAD
10/11/201909:1510/11/2019 10/11/2019SeniorOtherChoir rehearsalChapelS.COX
10/11/201910:3010/11/2019 10/11/2019SeniorChapel ServicesRemembrance Day Service for Years 11, 12 and 13ChapelTCH
11/11/2019 11/11/2019 11/11/2019SeniorChapel ServicesArmistice Day TCH
11/11/2019 11/11/2019 11/11/2019SeniorTripHistory pupils and Phoenix Society trip to the UK Parliament and Her Majesty's TreasuryLondonJBG
11/11/2019 11/11/2019 11/11/2019SeniorExaminationsSpeech & Drama ExaminationsBeale CentreRCM
11/11/2019 11/11/2019 11/11/2019PrepExaminationsSpeech & Drama Examinations - Beale Centre G.BUTT
11/11/2019 11/11/2019 11/11/2019SeniorExaminationsGCSE Maths exam - afternoon session S.COX
11/11/201908:4511/11/201909:1511/11/2019PrepOtherRemembrance Assembly - pupils only G.BUTT
11/11/201911:0011/11/2019 11/11/2019SeniorChapel ServicesPrayers and a two minutes silence at the School War Memorial followed by School Service for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10Memorial and ChapelTCH
11/11/201912:4011/11/2019 11/11/2019SeniorMeeting - SLTOperational Leadership Team MeetingBlundell HouseS.COX
11/11/201916:4511/11/2019 11/11/2019PrepMeeting - ParentsYear 5 Parents' Evening - Prep Hall G.BUTT
11/11/201917:3511/11/2019 11/11/2019SeniorMeeting - HouseparentsHouse Masters and Mistresses' ForumBlundell HouseS.COX
11/11/201919:3011/11/2019 11/11/2019SeniorDramaGorton House Play dress/technical rehearsalOndaatje HallS.COX
12/11/2019 12/11/2019 12/11/2019PrepExaminationsSpeech & Drama Examinations - Ondaatje G.BUTT
12/11/2019 12/11/2019 12/11/2019SeniorExaminationsSpeech & Drama ExaminationsOndaatje HallRCM
12/11/201908:3012/11/2019 12/11/2019SeniorOtherYear 10 AssemblyOndaatje HallS.COX
12/11/201908:4512/11/201909:1512/11/2019PrepOtherWhole School House Assembly - Prep Halls G.BUTT
12/11/201909:0012/11/201912:3012/11/2019SeniorOtherLocal Primary Heads' Guest Event S.COX
12/11/201910:0012/11/2019 12/11/2019SeniorCompetitive EventNetball U19 national Schools' Tournament County round departing at 08:30Exeter UniversityCLP
12/11/201914:0012/11/2019 12/11/2019PrepAcademicFrench play 'Ecris - moi' at the Senior School G.BUTT
12/11/201914:0012/11/2019 12/11/2019SeniorOtherOnatti Language Theatre Company: 'Ecris Moi' for Year 6 Blundell's Prep pupils and Year 7Big SchoolS.COX
12/11/201917:3012/11/2019 12/11/2019SeniorChapel ServicesQuiet time in the Lady Chapel followed by Holy Communion/Evening Prayer at 18:10Lady ChapelTCH
12/11/201919:0012/11/2019 12/11/2019SeniorAcademicPhoenix and Medic Societies multi specimen dissectionB1JAR2
12/11/201919:3012/11/2019 12/11/2019SeniorDramaGorton House PlayOndaatje HallS.COX
13/11/201911:3013/11/2019 06/11/2019PrepCompetitive EventRugby IAPS Festival at Sherborne: U11a (A) Departing 08:35 SS
13/11/201912:0013/11/201915:0013/11/2019SeniorOld BlundellianOB Winter Lunch: Speaker - Ben Boswell, Director of DevelopmentBeale CentreS.COX
13/11/201914:0013/11/2019 13/11/2019SeniorSportRugby v St Peter's Prep: U13A U12A (H)  L.REYNOLDS
13/11/201914:0013/11/2019 13/11/2019SeniorAcademicRoots and Wings: Arts Award presentations for Year 7Big SchoolOJL
13/11/201914:3013/11/2019 13/11/2019PrepSportRugby v Exeter Prep: U11b (A) Departing 13:15  SS
13/11/201914:3013/11/2019 13/11/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey v Exeter Prep: U11a U11b (H)  G.BUTT
13/11/201914:3013/11/2019 13/11/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey v Exeter Prep: U10a U10b (H)  G.BUTT
13/11/201914:3013/11/2019 06/11/2019PrepSportRugby v Exeter Prep: U10a U10b (H)  SS
13/11/201915:0013/11/2019 13/11/2019SeniorSportGirls Hockey v Clifton VIIs: U13A U13B U12A U12B (A) departing at 13:15  L.REYNOLDS
13/11/201916:0013/11/2019 13/11/2019SeniorSportBasketball v Wells Cathedral School: 1st (A) departing at 15:00 MGL
13/11/201916:3013/11/2019 13/11/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v West Buckland: U16 (H)  L.REYNOLDS
13/11/201917:0013/11/2019 13/11/2019PrepMusic ConcertYear 3 and 4 Tea Time Concert G.BUTT
13/11/201919:3013/11/2019 13/11/2019SeniorDramaGorton House PlayOndaatje HallS.COX
14/11/201907:4014/11/2019 14/11/2019SeniorChapel ServicesHoly CommunionLady ChapelTCH
14/11/201910:0014/11/2019 14/11/2019SeniorOtherNQT Regional Training Day S.COX
14/11/201914:0014/11/2019 07/11/2019PrepSportRugby v Exeter Cathedral: U9a U9b U8a U8b (A) Departing 13:10 SS
14/11/201914:0014/11/2019 07/11/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey v Exeter Cathedral: U9a U9b (A) Departing 13:10 SS
14/11/201914:0014/11/2019 14/11/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey v Exeter Cathedral: U8 (H)  G.BUTT
14/11/201916:0014/11/2019 14/11/2019SeniorAcademicBritish Physics Olympiad: Year 13 Round 1Physics Dept.AL
14/11/201917:0014/11/201917:3014/11/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherYear 7 Parents' Academic ForumOndaatje HallS.COX
14/11/201917:0014/11/2019 14/11/2019PrepMusic ConcertYear 5 and 6 Tea Time Concert G.BUTT
14/11/201917:3014/11/2019 14/11/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherYear 7 Parents' MeetingBig SchoolS.COX
14/11/201919:0014/11/2019 14/11/2019SeniorMeeting - Parents'You're not in this alone' - a Year 9 Parents' Discussion EveningBeale CentreS.COX
14/11/201921:0014/11/2019 14/11/2019SeniorOtherOpen Mic NightOndaatje HallS.COX
15/11/2019 15/11/2019 15/11/2019PrepOtheriLetter G.BUTT
15/11/201908:3015/11/201909:1515/11/2019PrepOtherPre-Prep Parents Coffee Morning in Nursery Foyer. Parents are welcome to attend the Pre-Prep Celebration Assembly - Pre-Prep Hall. LLC
15/11/201908:3015/11/2019 15/11/2019SeniorOtherYear 13 AssemblyOndaatje HallS.COX
15/11/201909:0015/11/2019 15/11/2019PrepMeeting - GovernorsGovernors' Prep School Meeting G.BUTT
15/11/201910:0015/11/201918:0015/11/2019SeniorMeeting - GovernorsGovernors' MeetingBeale CentreH.ALI
15/11/201912:4015/11/2019 15/11/2019SeniorTerm DateExeat begins until 7th November - lunch available S.COX
15/11/201914:3015/11/2019 08/11/2019PrepSportRugby v Exeter Prep: U11a (A) Departing 13:15 SS
16/11/201910:0016/11/2019 09/11/2019PrepCompetitive EventBlundell's Prep Rugby Festival: U9a (H) SS
16/11/201910:0016/11/2019 09/11/2019PrepCompetitive EventBlundell's Prep Girls' Hockey Festival: U9a (H) SS
16/11/201910:0016/11/2019 09/11/2019PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey Tournament at Taunton : U10a (A) Departing 09:00 SS
17/11/2019 17/11/2019 17/11/2019SeniorCompetitive EventSchool's National Championships 2019: Departing 05:45Dreadnought Reach, ReadingAMTR
17/11/2019 17/11/2019 17/11/2019SeniorChapel Services2nd Sunday before Advent TCH
17/11/2019 17/11/2019 17/11/2019SeniorChapel ServicesNo service in chapel TCH
17/11/2019 17/11/2019 17/11/2019SeniorTerm DateExeat ends S.COX
17/11/2019 17/11/2019 17/11/2019SeniorTerm DateSchool House boarders return between 18:00 and 20:00 unless by prior arrangement S.COX
17/11/2019 17/11/2019 17/11/2019SeniorTerm DateSenior boarders should return between 18:00 and 21:00 unless by prior arrangement with the relevant House master or House Mistress S.COX
17/11/201919:0017/11/201919:3017/11/2019SeniorOtherSupper S.COX
18/11/201909:0018/11/201910:3018/11/2019SeniorAcademicYear 11 Elevate Study Skills lectureOndaatje HallBW
18/11/201912:4018/11/2019 18/11/2019SeniorMeeting - SLTSenior Leadership Team MeetingBeale CentreS.COX
18/11/201912:4518/11/201913:1518/11/2019PrepMeeting - OtherSchool Council Meeting G.BUTT
18/11/201914:0018/11/2019 18/11/2019SeniorOtherDeadline for Spring Term Calendar S.COX
18/11/201917:0018/11/2019 18/11/2019PrepOtherSpeech & Drama Recital - Prep Hall G.BUTT
18/11/201917:1518/11/2019 18/11/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey v The Maynard: U15B, U14B (H) S.COX
19/11/201908:3019/11/2019 19/11/2019SeniorOtherYear 9 AssemblyOndaatje HallS.COX
19/11/201912:4019/11/2019 19/11/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherTeaching and Learning ForumBlundell HouseS.COX
19/11/201917:3019/11/2019 19/11/2019SeniorMeeting - Common RoomCommon Room Meeting S.COX
20/11/201910:0020/11/2019 20/11/2019SeniorCompetitive EventNetball U14 National Schools' Tournament County round departing at 08:30CranbrookCLP
20/11/201911:5520/11/201912:4520/11/2019PrepAcademicYear 3-6 talk by Richard Peirce, Wildlife Conservationist  G.BUTT
20/11/201914:0020/11/2019 13/11/2019PrepSportRugby v Wellington & West Buckland: U11a U10a (H)  SS
20/11/201914:0020/11/2019 13/11/2019PrepSportRugby v Wellington: U11b U10b (A) Departing 13:10 SS
20/11/201914:0020/11/2019 20/11/2019SeniorAcademicRoots and Wings presentations by Richard Peirce, Wildlife Conservationist: 'Nicole' for Year 7 and 'Cuddle Me, Kill Me' for Year 8 - 'Nicole' (Year 7) and 'Cuddle Me, Kill Me’ (Year 8) OJL
20/11/201914:0020/11/2019 20/11/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby v Millfield Prep: U13A, U13B (A) departing at 12:00 S.COX
20/11/201914:3020/11/2019 20/11/2019SeniorTripTrip for Years 9 - 13 to Disney's 'The Lion King' departing at 12:45Bristol Hippodrome, BristolS.COX
20/11/201914:3020/11/2019 13/11/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey v King's Hall: U11a U11b U10 (H)  SS
20/11/201916:0020/11/2019 20/11/2019SeniorSportBasketball v King's College Taunton: 1st (H) Sports HallMGL
20/11/201918:0020/11/201920:0020/11/2019SeniorAcademicBusiness, Law and Finance Apprenticeship Fair for interested pupils in Years 11, 12 and 13Taunton SchoolS.COX
21/11/2019 21/11/2019 21/11/2019SeniorExaminationsYears 9 and 10 exams begin S.COX
21/11/2019 21/11/2019 21/11/2019SeniorAcademicYear 12 assessments begin until 26th November S.COX
21/11/201907:4021/11/2019 21/11/2019SeniorChapel ServicesHoly CommunionLady ChapelTCH
21/11/201913:0021/11/2019 21/11/2019SeniorOtherWelfare Committee MeetingSecond Master's StudyS.COX
21/11/201914:0021/11/2019 14/11/2019PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey v St John's: U9a U9b U8 (H) SS
21/11/201914:3021/11/2019 14/11/2019PrepSportRugby v King's Hall: U9a U9b U8a U8b (A) Departing 13:15 SS
21/11/201918:3021/11/201919:3021/11/2019SeniorOtherAdult Choir RehearsalMusic DepartmentL.REYNOLDS
21/11/201919:3021/11/2019 21/11/2019SeniorOtherMonitors' DinnerBlundell HouseS.COX
22/11/2019 22/11/2019 22/11/2019SeniorExaminationsYears 9 and 10 exams continue S.COX
22/11/2019 22/11/2019 22/11/2019PrepOtheriLetter G.BUTT
22/11/201908:1522/11/201909:1522/11/2019PrepMeeting - ParentsCoffee Morning for Parents in the Prep Atrium. Parents are welcome to attend the Prep School Prize Giving Assembly. G.BUTT
22/11/201908:3022/11/2019 22/11/2019SeniorOtherYear 13 AssemblyOndaatje HallS.COX
22/11/201908:4522/11/201909:1522/11/2019PrepOtherPrep Prize Giving Assembly - Prep Hall G.BUTT
22/11/201913:0022/11/2019 22/11/2019SeniorMusic ConcertLunchtime ConcertMusic Department FoyerL.REYNOLDS
22/11/201913:0022/11/2019 22/11/2019SeniorOtherSafeguarding TrainingM7S.COX
22/11/201916:0022/11/2019 22/11/2019SeniorCompetitive EventBasketball v QE, Crediton: 1st (H)Sports HallS.COX
22/11/201916:1522/11/2019 22/11/2019SeniorAcademicYear 11 Enrichment: 'Preparing for Mock Exams'Old GymS.COX
22/11/201916:1522/11/2019 22/11/2019SeniorDramaSenior School Play 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens rehearsalOndaatje HallBJB
22/11/201916:3022/11/2019 22/11/2019PrepAcademicNo Fencing tonight G.BUTT
23/11/2019 23/11/2019 23/11/2019SeniorExaminationsIELTS exam departing at 08:00Exeter CollegeEJGL
23/11/201910:0023/11/201913:0023/11/2019PrepOtherFOBP Christmas Market - Prep Hall G.BUTT
23/11/201912:4523/11/2019 23/11/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Millfield: U13A U13B U12A U12B (A) departing at 11:00  L.REYNOLDS
23/11/201913:0023/11/2019 23/11/2019SeniorSportGirls Hockey v Millfield: U13C, U12C (A) departing at 11:15  L.REYNOLDS
23/11/201914:0023/11/2019 23/11/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Millfield: U14A U14B (H)  L.REYNOLDS
23/11/201914:1523/11/2019 23/11/2019SeniorSportGirls Hockey v Millfield: 2nd 3rd (A) departing at 12:30 L.REYNOLDS
23/11/201914:1523/11/2019 23/11/2019SeniorSportRugby v Bristol GS: U16A U16B U15A U15B U12A U12B (H) 1st 2nd 3rd U14A U14B U13A U13B (A) departing at 12:00 L.REYNOLDS
23/11/201915:1523/11/2019 23/11/2019SeniorSportGirls Hockey v Millfield: U15A U15B (H)  L.REYNOLDS
23/11/201915:3023/11/2019 23/11/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey v Millfield: 1st (A) departing at 12:30 S.COX
24/11/2019 24/11/2019 24/11/2019SeniorChapel ServicesChrist the King TCH
24/11/201909:0024/11/201917:0024/11/2019SeniorOutdoor PursuitsTen Tors Training on Dartmoor: 45 mile teams S.COX
24/11/201910:0024/11/201918:0024/11/2019SeniorDramaSenior School Play 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens - technical rehearsalOndaatje HallS.COX
24/11/201918:3024/11/2019 24/11/2019SeniorChapel ServicesSchool EucharistChapelTCH
25/11/2019 25/11/2019 25/11/2019SeniorTripYear 12 Physics Trip to 'A-level live science show'University of Birmingham, Great HallAL
25/11/2019 25/11/2019 25/11/2019SeniorExaminationsYears 9 and 10 continue S.COX
25/11/2019 25/11/2019 25/11/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey: U13 County Round (H) S.COX
25/11/2019 25/11/2019 25/11/2019SeniorAcademicPupils to write self-assessments by Monday 2nd December S.COX
25/11/201912:4025/11/2019 25/11/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherOperational Leadership Team MeetingBeale CentreS.COX
25/11/201916:4525/11/2019 25/11/2019PrepMeeting - ParentsYear 6 Parents' Evening - Prep Hall G.BUTT
25/11/201917:3525/11/2019 25/11/2019SeniorMeeting - HouseparentsHouse Masters and Mistresses' MeetingBowring RoomS.COX
25/11/201919:3025/11/2019 25/11/2019SeniorDramaSenior School Play 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens - dress rehearsalOndaatje HallS.COX
26/11/2019 26/11/2019 26/11/2019SeniorExaminationsYears 9 and 10 exams end S.COX
26/11/201908:3026/11/2019 26/11/2019SeniorOtherYear 10 AssemblyOndaatje HallS.COX
26/11/201915:0026/11/2019 19/11/2019PrepCompetitive EventHouse Matches Years 3 & 4 (H) SS
26/11/201917:0026/11/2019 26/11/2019SeniorMusic ConcertSH Tea Time ConcertMusic DepartmentL.REYNOLDS
26/11/201917:3026/11/2019 26/11/2019SeniorChapel ServicesQuiet time in the Lady Chapel followed by Holy Communion/Evening Prayer at 18:10Lady ChapelTCH
26/11/201919:3026/11/2019 26/11/2019SeniorDramaSenior School Play 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens - dress rehearsalOndaatje HallS.COX
27/11/201911:5027/11/201915:3027/11/2019SeniorOtherRoots and Wings: Careers Carousel for Years 7 and 8Big School and Popham PCB
27/11/201914:0027/11/2019 20/11/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey v Queen's: U11a U11b U10 (A) Departing 13:15 SS
27/11/201914:3027/11/2019 20/11/2019PrepSportRugby v Taunton Prep: U11a U11b U10a U10b (A) Departing 13:15 SS
27/11/201915:3027/11/2019 27/11/2019SeniorSportGirls Hockey v Queen's College Taunton: U13A, U13B, U13C (H) U12A U12B U12C (A) departing at 14:30 L.REYNOLDS
27/11/201916:0027/11/2019 27/11/2019SeniorSportBasketball v Wellington School: 1st (H)  MGL
27/11/201919:3027/11/2019 27/11/2019SeniorDramaSenior School Play 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles DickensOndaatje Hall**S.COX
28/11/201907:4028/11/2019 28/11/2019SeniorChapel ServicesHoly CommunionLady ChapelTCH
28/11/201908:3028/11/2019 28/11/2019SeniorExaminationsExam data for Year 10 entered S.COX
28/11/201908:4528/11/201913:0028/11/2019SeniorAcademicYear 12 Business students trip to Thatcher's Cider Factory.  TEC
28/11/201909:3028/11/201910:0028/11/2019PrepDramaDress Rehearsal for Year 2 Nativity - Pre-Prep Hall LLC
28/11/201910:0028/11/2019 28/11/2019SeniorCompetitive EventNetball U16 National Schools' Tournament County Round departing at 08:30Exeter UniversityCLP
28/11/201910:3028/11/201917:0028/11/2019SeniorMeeting - HouseparentsHouse Masters and Mistresses' Away Day S.COX
28/11/201912:4528/11/2019 28/11/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherSchool Council MeetingPopham CentreS.COX
28/11/201914:0028/11/201915:0028/11/2019PrepOtherToddler Group Christmas Party and last meeting this term G.BUTT
28/11/201914:0028/11/2019 21/11/2019PrepSportGirls' Hockey v The Maynard: U9a U9b U8 (H)  SS
28/11/201914:3028/11/2019 21/11/2019PrepSportRugby v Taunton Prep: U9a U9b U8a U8b (A) Departing 13:15 SS
28/11/201917:3028/11/2019 28/11/2019SeniorMeeting - OtherCalendar Committee MeetingBowring RoomS.COX
28/11/201918:3028/11/201919:3028/11/2019SeniorOtherAdult Choir RehearsalMusic DepartmentL.REYNOLDS
28/11/201919:0028/11/2019 28/11/2019SeniorCharity EventWine Tasting in aid of School CharitiesBig SchoolS.COX
28/11/201919:3028/11/2019 28/11/2019SeniorDramaSenior School Play 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles DickensOndaatje Hall**S.COX
29/11/2019 29/11/2019 29/11/2019PrepExaminationsTrininty Music Examinations G.BUTT
29/11/2019 29/11/2019 29/11/2019PrepOtheriLetter G.BUTT
29/11/2019 29/11/2019 29/11/2019SeniorExaminationsTrinity Music Examinations S.COX
29/11/201908:3029/11/2019 29/11/2019SeniorOtherYear 12 AssemblyOndaatje HallS.COX
29/11/201909:0029/11/201918:0029/11/2019SeniorMeeting - GovernorsGovernors' MeetingBeale CentreH.ALI
29/11/201914:3029/11/2019 29/11/2019PrepDramaYear 2 Nativity - Pre-Prep Hall LLC
29/11/201916:3029/11/2019 29/11/2019PrepAcademicLast Friday night Clubs in the Prep School G.BUTT
29/11/201917:3029/11/2019 29/11/2019SeniorMeeting - ParentsYear 10 Parents' MeetingBig SchoolS.COX
29/11/201918:3029/11/201922:0029/11/2019SeniorOtherGovernors' Retirement DinnerBeale CentreS.COX
29/11/201919:3029/11/2019 29/11/2019SeniorDramaSenior School Play 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles DickensOndaatje Hall**S.COX
30/11/2019 01/12/2019 30/11/2019SeniorTerm DateLeave Weekend S.COX
30/11/201910:0030/11/2019 23/11/2019PrepCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey Tourament at Millfield: U8 (A) Departing 08:45 SS
30/11/201912:3030/11/2019 30/11/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Bristol GS: U12A U12B (H)  L.REYNOLDS
30/11/201912:3030/11/2019 30/11/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby v Taunton Prep: U12A, U12B (H) U13A, U13B (A) departing at 11:30 S.COX
30/11/201913:0030/11/201914:0030/11/2019SeniorOtherSecond Hand Clothes Shop open S.COX
30/11/201913:3030/11/2019 30/11/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey v Bristol GS: U13A, U13B (A) departing at 12:00 S.COX
30/11/201914:0030/11/2019 30/11/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Bristol GS: U15B U14A (H)  L.REYNOLDS
30/11/201914:1530/11/2019 30/11/2019SeniorCompetitive EventRugby v Taunton School: U15A, U15B, U14A, U14B (H) 1st, 2nd, 3rd, U16A, U16B (A) departing at 12:00 S.COX
30/11/201914:3030/11/2019 30/11/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Bristol GS: 2nd, 4th (A) departing at 12:10 L.REYNOLDS
30/11/201915:1530/11/2019 30/11/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Bristol GS: U14B (H)  L.REYNOLDS
30/11/201915:3030/11/2019 30/11/2019SeniorSportGirls' Hockey v Bristol GS: 3rd (A) departing at 13:30 L.REYNOLDS
30/11/201917:3030/11/2019 30/11/2019SeniorOtherTiverton Lantern Parade S.COX
01/12/2019 01/12/2019 01/12/2019SeniorCompetitive EventFives - Colquhoun Trophy at Sherborne: 1st, U16, U15, U14 (A) departing at 09:00 S.COX
01/12/2019 01/12/2019 01/12/2019SeniorChapel ServicesAdvent 1 TCH
01/12/2019 01/12/2019 01/12/2019SeniorChapel ServicesNo service in chapel TCH
01/12/201911:3001/12/201912:3001/12/2019SeniorOtherSchool Brunch S.COX
02/12/201909:3002/12/2019 02/12/2019PrepDramaDress Rehearsal Year 1 Nativity - Pre-Prep Hall  LLC
02/12/201912:4502/12/201913:1502/12/2019PrepMeeting - OtherSchool Council Meeting G.BUTT
02/12/201912:4502/12/201913:1502/12/2019PrepOtherPrefect Lunch with the Head Master G.BUTT
02/12/201913:0002/12/201915:0002/12/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey U14 EH Tier 3 Tournament (H) 14B and 14C L.REYNOLDS
02/12/201916:3002/12/2019 02/12/2019PrepDramaPrep Christmas Production Technical Rehearsal - Prep Hall G.BUTT
02/12/201916:4502/12/201918:0002/12/2019PrepAcademicTwilight Staff Meeting G.BUTT
03/12/201908:3003/12/2019 03/12/2019SeniorAcademicFull reports for Years 8, 9, 11 and 13 to tutors. S.COX
03/12/201908:3003/12/2019 03/12/2019SeniorAcademicData collection for Years 7, 10 and 12 and Years 9 and 10 exam results S.COX
03/12/201909:3003/12/2019 03/12/2019PrepDramaDress Rehearsal Reception Nativity - Pre-Prep Hall LLC
03/12/201909:3003/12/2019 03/12/2019SeniorAcademicBusiness trip to the Mulberry Factory: Departing 09:30Mulberry, BridgwaterTEC
03/12/201910:0003/12/2019 03/12/2019PrepDramaDress Rehearsal Year 3 & 4 Christmas Production - Prep Hall G.BUTT
03/12/201914:3003/12/2019 03/12/2019PrepDramaYear 1 Nativity - Pre-Prep Hall LLC
03/12/201916:3003/12/2019 03/12/2019PrepOtherLast Tuesday night Clubs G.BUTT
03/12/201917:3003/12/2019 03/12/2019SeniorChapel ServicesQuiet time followed by Holy Communion/Evening Prayer 18:10Lady ChapelTCH
03/12/201919:3003/12/201921:0003/12/2019SeniorOtherInternational students Games EveningSports HallCLP
04/12/2019 04/12/2019 04/12/2019PrepOtherLast Wednesday Peripatetic lessons G.BUTT
04/12/201910:0004/12/2019 04/12/2019PrepDramaDress Rehearsal Year 5 & 6 Christmas Production - Prep Hall G.BUTT
04/12/201914:0004/12/2019 04/12/2019PrepDramaReception Nativity - Pre-Prep Hall LLC
04/12/201914:0004/12/2019 04/12/2019SeniorAcademicRoots and Wings: Christmas Quiz (Year 7), Oil Trading (Year 8)Big SchoolOJL
04/12/201915:3004/12/2019 04/12/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey V Mount Kelly (A) 13A, 13B and 13C L.REYNOLDS
04/12/201915:3004/12/2019 04/12/2019SeniorSportGirls Hockey v Bristol GS: U15A (H)  L.REYNOLDS
04/12/201915:3004/12/2019 04/12/2019PrepDramaYear 3 & 4 Christmas Production - Prep Hall G.BUTT
04/12/201916:0004/12/2019 04/12/2019SeniorCompetitive Event"Final Four" South-West Basketball PlayoffsSports HallMGL
04/12/201916:3004/12/2019 04/12/2019PrepOtherLast Wednesday night Clubs G.BUTT
05/12/2019 05/12/2019 05/12/2019PrepExaminationsASBRM Music Examinations G.BUTT
05/12/2019 05/12/2019 05/12/2019SeniorExaminationsABRSM Music Examinations 5 - 6 DecemberMusic DepartmentL.REYNOLDS
05/12/201907:4005/12/2019 05/12/2019SeniorChapel ServicesHoly CommunionLady ChapelTCH
05/12/201908:4005/12/201909:0005/12/2019PrepOtherPrep House Assembly G.BUTT
05/12/201909:3005/12/2019 05/12/2019PrepDramaDress Rehearsal Nursery Nativity - Pre-Prep Hall LLC
05/12/201915:3005/12/2019 05/12/2019PrepDramaYear 5 & 6 Christmas Production - Prep Hall G.BUTT
05/12/201916:3005/12/2019 05/12/2019PrepOtherLast Thursday night clubs G.BUTT
05/12/201918:3005/12/2019 05/12/2019SeniorOtherAdult Choir RehearsalChapelL.REYNOLDS
06/12/2019 06/12/2019 06/12/2019PrepExaminationsASBRM Music Examinations G.BUTT
06/12/2019 06/12/2019 06/12/2019PrepAcademicEffort and Attainment Grades available on the Portal, Prep only G.BUTT
06/12/2019 06/12/2019 06/12/2019PrepOtheriLetter G.BUTT
06/12/201908:3006/12/2019 06/12/2019SeniorAcademicReports for Years 8, 9 and 11 to House Parents and Year 13 to tutors S.COX
06/12/201909:1506/12/201910:1506/12/2019PrepChapel ServicesFestival of Carols Rehearsal - Blundell's Chapel G.BUTT
06/12/201910:0006/12/2019 06/12/2019PrepDramaNursery Nativity - Pre-Prep Hall LLC
06/12/201916:0006/12/2019 06/12/2019PrepChapel ServicesFestival of Carols - Blundell's Chapel G.BUTT
06/12/201916:1506/12/201917:3006/12/2019SeniorAcademicEPQ ExhibitionOndaatje Hall FoyerS.COX
06/12/201916:3006/12/2019 06/12/2019PrepOtherNo Clubs in the Prep School, there will be Prep for those children unable to be collected at 4.30 pm. G.BUTT
06/12/201917:0006/12/201917:3006/12/2019SeniorMeeting - ParentsYear 12 Parents' Academic ForumOndaatje HallS.COX
06/12/201917:3006/12/2019 06/12/2019SeniorMeeting - ParentsYear 12 Parents' MeetingBig SchoolS.COX
06/12/201919:0006/12/2019 06/12/2019SeniorMusic ConcertAdvent Carol Concert: Chamber ChoirDulverton ChurchL.REYNOLDS
07/12/201911:0007/12/2019 07/12/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey V Colstons (A) 13A and 13B L.REYNOLDS
07/12/201911:0007/12/2019 07/12/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey V Colstons (H) 12a and 12B L.REYNOLDS
07/12/201913:0007/12/2019 07/12/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey V Colstons (H) 2nd and 15A L.REYNOLDS
07/12/201914:1507/12/2019 07/12/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey V Colstons (H) 15B L.REYNOLDS
07/12/201914:3007/12/2019 07/12/2019SeniorCompetitive EventGirls' Hockey V Colstons (A) 14A L.REYNOLDS
07/12/201914:3007/12/2019 07/12/2019SeniorSportRugby v Bryanston: 1st XV 2nd 3rd U15A U15B (H) U16A U16B U14A U14B (A) 14:30 Departing 12:00 L.REYNOLDS
08/12/2019 08/12/2019 08/12/2019SeniorChapel ServicesAdvent 2 TCH
08/12/201908:0008/12/201917:0008/12/2019SeniorOutdoor PursuitsTen Tors 35/45 Mile TeamsDartmoorBAD
08/12/201919:0008/12/2019 08/12/2019SeniorChapel ServicesAdvent Carol Service TCH
09/12/201908:5009/12/2019 09/12/2019PrepOtherWhole School Assembly - Prep Hall G.BUTT
09/12/201909:0009/12/2019 09/12/2019SeniorAcademicPupils to read and review reports with tutors in tutor time S.COX
09/12/201912:4509/12/201913:1509/12/2019PrepMeeting - OtherSchool Council Meeting with the Head Master G.BUTT
09/12/201913:3009/12/2019 09/12/2019PrepOtherPre-Prep Christmas Party G.BUTT
09/12/201916:3009/12/2019 09/12/2019PrepOtherAll Pre-Prep and Prep Clubs will run as normal this evening G.BUTT
10/12/201911:0010/12/201912:4510/12/2019PrepChapel ServicesCarol Service Rehearsal at Blundell's Chapel: Years 2 - 6 G.BUTT
10/12/201912:4510/12/201914:1510/12/2019PrepOtherPrefect lunch with the Head Master G.BUTT
10/12/201915:3010/12/2019 10/12/2019SeniorTerm DateSchool House term ends S.COX
10/12/201915:4010/12/2019 10/12/2019PrepOtherNo clubs in the Pre-Prep, there will be Owls for those children unable to be collected at 3.40 pm. G.BUTT
10/12/201916:3010/12/2019 10/12/2019PrepOtherAll Year 2 - 6 children remain in school for tea and then walk to Blundell's Chapel for the Carol Service G.BUTT
10/12/201917:3010/12/201916:3010/12/2019PrepChapel ServicesCarol Service at Blundell's Chapel: ALL Years 2 - 6 PUPILS TO ATTEND G.BUTT
11/12/2019 11/12/2019 11/12/2019SeniorTerm DateEnd of term for Years 9 - 13 S.COX
11/12/2019 11/12/2019 11/12/2019PrepAcademicNo Music or Speech & Drama lessons today G.BUTT
11/12/2019 11/12/2019 11/12/2019PrepOtherChristmas Lunch G.BUTT
11/12/2019 11/12/2019 11/12/2019PrepOtherChristmas themed non uniform day G.BUTT
11/12/2019 11/12/2019 11/12/2019PrepAcademicYear 3 - 6 End of Term Assembly G.BUTT
11/12/201915:3011/12/2019 11/12/2019PrepTerm DatePre-Prep Term ends. There are no after school clubs. G.BUTT
11/12/201915:4011/12/2019 11/12/2019PrepTerm DatePrep Term ends. There are no after school clubs or Prep. G.BUTT
11/12/201916:3011/12/2019 11/12/2019PrepOtherPlease note that the school minibuses will not run this afternoon G.BUTT
14/12/2019 14/12/2019 14/12/2019SeniorExaminationsIELTS exam: Departing 08:00Exeter CollegeEJGL