Obituary Beate Jungblut

Beate Jungblut (NC 1997-1999) died on 7th March 2008, aged 26, having suffered from cancer for more than 3 years. Her sister Eva and parents Manfred and Annedore Jungblut provided the following:

"Beate very much enjoyed her time at Blundell’s and loved England so much that she decided to stay and to go to university here. After she had got her A-Levels at Blundell’s in 1999 she went on to Durham University for a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Economics. Afterwards Beate got her Master’s Degree at Southampton University. During that time she undertook a three months placement working on a project for Thames Water.

In 2005, after her time at Southampton, she started working as a junior consultant for CapGemini in London and very much enjoyed her promising career. Unfortunately she had to give up after five months because she fell very ill."