Obituary Francis N. V. Rainey

The following obituary was written by OB Colin Miesch (FH 1956-60).

Francis a.k.a. Frank Rainey was anything but a Blundellian stereotype, to the point where his housemaster, C. T. Reichwald, penned on his annual report, “Francis has successfully resisted all attempts at Blundellianisation”.

Strict compliance with authoritative legislation was not Frank’s forte but that did not prevent him from being the outstanding musician of his time. Blessed with perfect pitch, he was a member of the School Choir, of the Motet Club, of the Orchestra and of the underground Jazz Group formed in 1959.

Frank was also an active member of the Drama and Debating Societies and was the only pupil permitted to play on the Chapel organ.

Frank studied Modern Languages, achieving fluency in both German and French. On leaving school, he emigrated to Germany, where he became organist with the Stuttgart Orchestra and musical director of the Ballet. He cooperated in touring productions in both Europe and North America with both the Orchestra and Ballet. Frank was also a composer and his most recent work was entitled “The Thirteen Clocks”, a nursery tale of which he made an opera for children.

Frank moved to Berlin two years ago, where he felt that his compositions would have a better chance of being produced.

He is survived by his wife, Countess Tatiana Zubow-Rainey, their three children and four grandchildren.