Development Office Update 2020/21

Dear Blundell's Community,

As another school year comes to an end, we look back and marvel at all the accomplishments from our pupils and staff. Our fundraising projects such as the Annual Fund, Hardship Bursary and Peter Blundell Foundation Awards are no different – we have been able to accomplish a lot. However, the difference being that these fundraising projects would not have been possible without the support from the Blundell’s Community. 
Please read below to find out how the support from our Community has helped our pupils over this very difficult year. If you wish to become one of our supporters this year, you can do so via this link.

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Yours sincerely,

Ben Boswell (FH 2000-02)
Director of Development

Hardship Bursary Fund

We are very proud to report, that no pupil has had to depart Blundell’s due to covid related financial constraints. Our wider Community really came together to support this fund, and the positive impact has been felt by many. With restrictions easing, the Hardship Fund will also be coming to end so we can focus on the Peter Blundell Foundation Awards.

Peter Blundell Foundation Awards (PBFA)

True to Peter Blundell’s intentions, we continue to work towards creating a School, that is available to every child who earns their place, irrespective of their financial circumstances. To make this a reality, we have relied on the support from our Community. This year, thanks to your generosity, we have been able to support 73 pupils attend Blundell’s, when they otherwise would be unable to do so.

Recent Bursary Recipient

‘Thank you! Please rest assured that your investment to the PBFA, is producing maximum opportunities for beneficiaries. These beneficiaries are getting the absolute most out of their experiences like I have.

--Alex Everett (P 2010-12)

Willow Huts at the Prep School (Annual Fund)

Three large Willow Huts are making their way down to the Prep School to be used for their weekly Wild Wonders and Outdoor Learning lessons. They will be a great addition to the purposely designed and fast-growing Outdoor Learning space down at the Prep School. They will be available year-round for children to use to find shade when working outdoors, space for quiet reflection, a spot for watching wildlife, to escape with a story or to provide a structure that can quickly be transformed into a spaceship, ice-cream parlour, dinosaur cave or wherever the children's imaginations take them!

A Piano for the FOBs Café (Annual Fund)

A recent leaver once said; ‘You’re rarely as busy as you are at Blundell’s – it’s a crash-course in fitting everything in!’ Pupils need downtime, but they also need quality downtime.

Our pupil café is a phone-free zone and a great place to relax and regroup with a hot drink. The new piano has been the perfect accompaniment to this area, and it’s been great to hear such beautiful music streamed from the café since its arrival.

Laser Tag Kit (Annual Fund)

Pupils have certainly enjoyed testing out the new Laser Tag Kit! Barry Dawe, Head of Outdoor Pursuits and CCF quickly put the kit into action on a CCF training day.

The Laser Tag will be available both as a CCF activity and during school activity weeks – but also as a weekend activity for boarders. It's great to get the pupils outside for a bit of fun and the Laser Tag is certainly an incentive!

Communal seating for the Blundell’s Garden (Annual Fund)

Being outdoors and enjoying time away from the hectic schedules of life has certainly been a theme to embrace this year. The Blundell’s Garden has been in constant use since we returned to school post lockdown and has been an oasis for many.
It’s therefore been a delight to welcome our new communal seating with complimenting red umbrella for pupils and staff to enjoy. We will continue to use the Garden year-round and there will be many opportunities next year for Parents and Old Blundellians to visit.

Communal Seating Area in School House, A Pupil-Led Project (Annual Fund)

A very impressive 16-seater octagonal outdoor table will be ready for use by the end of term. This table will be used for outdoor teaching or for more recreational activities such as lunch or break time. What made this project extra special was that Year 7 & 8 pupils help build it! The supplies were kindly purchased via the Annual Fund, but the pupils had all the fun putting it together.

Get Involved

There is still plenty of time to get involved this year and become one of our 2020/2021 donors. We particularly need support towards our Peter Blundell Foundation Awards as requests for general bursaries continue to exceed our capabilities. The PBFA Bursary continues to be one of the School's fundraising priorities.

All donors who give before 31 August will join our ‘Honour Board’ of donors listed in our Annual Impact Report (requests for anonymity are fully respected).

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If you or your child benefited from the experiences at Blundell's and would like to help others to do so too, consider the PBFA fund. 


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A legacy to the Blundell's School is one of the most meaningful and enduring gifts you can make.

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Best Wishes from The Development Office,

Ben Boswell (FH 2000-02), Director of Development

Linda Bulpin, Development and Events Coordinator

Emily Roffe-Silvester, Development Executive

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