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Date / Time Event Venue Contact
Ongoing (term time)
Tuesdays 6:15pm Blundell's Association (current & past parents) Running Group
Weekly on Tuesday evenings
Prep School car park BA
Thursdays 7:00 - 8:30pm Blundell’s ‘The Braves’, touch rugby training group
Weekly on Thursday evenings, followed by drinks in Beale 8:30-9:30pm
Astro Pitch OBC
April 18th Blundell’s Community Drinks, Cornwall
RSVP here, or contact Katie in the D.O.
The Alverton Hotel, Truro DO
20th OB Fives vs School Blundell's OBC
21st Blundell’s Open Day at Somerset County Cricket Ground, from 10:00am. Contact Katie in the D.O. Somerset CCG DO
24th OB Club Lost Kitchen Coffee Morning, 10:30am-12:00 noon, TBC Lost Kitchen OBC
26th Sir Francis Popham Society Dinner
Contact Katie in the D.O.
Beale Centre DO
May 1st Mums’ Tennis Coffee Morning FOBS OBC
9th 1604 Society Lunch
Contact Katie in the D.O.
9th Blundell’s Community Drinks, London
Contact Katie in the D.O.
Upstairs at The Department Store DO
16th to 18th Devon County Show, with a reception to be held on Thursday 16 May from 2pm to 4pm   DO
23rd Garden VIP Donor Garden Cream Tea from 3pm to 5pm Blundell's Garden DO
June 21st Blundell’s vs OB Cricket Match, from 6pm-10pm Beale Centre DO
22nd OB Day
For further details please visit the OB Day page.
Purchase your tickets here: https://www.trybooking.com/uk/CVWI
26th Class of 2022 - 2 Year Reunion
Contact Katie in the D.O.
Beale Centre DO
27th Blundell’s Community Cricket Tea
MCC v 1st XI, tea served between 3pm – 5pm
July 5th OB Club Current OB Parent & Current OB Grandparent Speech Day Lunch   OBC
Aug - - - -
Sept - - - -
Oct 9th Winter Lunch - Tom Cowle (W 1991-96), Blundell’s Director of Development.
Topic: TBC
Beale Centre OBC
13th Fives Tournament for the Reichwald Trophy Blundell's OBC
Nov 13th Winter Lunch - details TBC Beale Centre OBC
22nd The Snow Ball   DO
Dec 4th Winter Lunch - Orlando Murrin (FH 1971-75)
Topic: "A Culinary Caper For Christmas"
Beale Centre OBC

Fixtures for fives, golf, shooting, hockey, soccer, cricket, tennis and squash against the School and others will be arranged by Sports Club Secretaries.

Induction events for Westlake pupils will take place in the Beale Centre during the year.

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Further Information

Winter Lunches

Further Information

December 2023 - Further context from Ian Seaton about his talk on "The City of London Corporation and the London Livery companies"

The City of London Corporation, the local authority for the City of London and much more, was recognised by William the Conqueror in 1067. We have the signed document. The Corporation comprises the Court of Common Council with its head being the Lord Mayor of the City of London. The Lord Mayor and the two sheriffs are elected annually by the members of the Livery companies. As a Past Master of one of the Livery companies and a member of the Court of Common Council since 2009 I have been able to see how these two ancient institutions interact for the common good.

Janet Wooff also has a couple of copies of a book Ian left following his talk, which are priced at £20: "The City of London Freeman's Guide" by Paul Jagger. Information about the book:

"The City of London Freeman's Guide is a vital companion to the Freedom of the City of London as it is in modern times. Each year circa 1,800 people are admitted to the Freedom of the City of London, more than half of them coming by way of one of the City's 110 Livery Companies. Contrary to widely held belief the Freedom of the City of London and the Livery Companies remain vital, relevant and active aspects of the City, upholding its traditions and reputation as a global centre of excellence and innovation for so many aspects of commercial and civic life.
This guide is a concise almanac to the customs, ceremonies, traditions, institutions and offices of the City of London and its diverse Livery Companies as they are today. The guide signposts such annual events at The Lord Mayor's Show, The Trial of the Pyx, The Lion Sermon and the Ceremony of the Quit Rents. It also explores the modern role of the various trades, crafts and professions represented by the Livery Companies. The guide highlights the activities of the Livery Companies in charity, education, industry and fellowship, and their links to the Armed Forces, Royal Family and other institutions.
Whether you are a prospective Freeman, a long standing member of a Livery Company or simply interested in the living history of the City, this guide will be your constant companion in a life-long journey of exploration and discovery in the great and famous City of London."


December 2023

At the 6th December Winter Lunch, Ian Seaton discussed "The City of London Corporation and the London Livery companies". You can read a transcript of Ian's talk, and also read the related Pan Livery Impact Report 2022.

March 2023

At the 8th March Winter Lunch, the Revd Tim Hunt spoke about "Is there a continuing relevance for regular chapel worship/services at school in an increasingly secular age and if so, what is it?" Please read a transcript of Tim's talk.

October 2022

At the 12th October Winter Lunch, Michael Wade spoke on the topic of "The Rise and Fall of Our Extraordinary Language". You can listen to Michael's recital of The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock, and you can also read the transcript of his talk.


Winter Lunches

Date Speaker and Topic RSVP Date
Spring 2024
Weds 7th Feb,
12:30 for 1pm
Mark Tucker (W 1978-83)
Topic: "Scientific advisory board for the Westminster APPG for industrial hemp and CBD”
Book your ticket here: https://www.trybooking.co.uk/CQWI
Mon 5th
Weds 13th Mar,
12:30 for 1pm
John Haynes (W 1955-59)
Topic: "The Role of Humour in Criminal Trials"
Book your ticket here: https://www.trybooking.com/uk/DALO
Mon 11th
Autumn 2024
Weds 9th Oct,
12:30 for 1pm
Winter Lunch - Tom Cowle (W 1991-96), Blundell’s Director of Development.
Topic: TBC
Mon 7th
Weds 13th Nov,
12:30 for 1pm
Winter Lunch - details TBC 9:00am,
Mon 11th
Weds 4th Dec,
12:30 for 1pm
Winter Lunch - Orlando Murrin (FH 1971-75)
Topic: "A Culinary Caper For Christmas"
Mon 2nd

Please book onto these events via the Trybooking Links provided, where payment of £15 is taken for the cost of the two-course lunch, including cheese and coffee. Please book your ticket no later than the date and time given.

The OB Club will unfortunately be obliged to charge for cancellations not provided before this date and time and trust this meets with your understanding.

Bar available 12.30-1pm, with contactless payment only.

If you have any difficulty whatsoever booking onto any of these events, please contact Janet Wooff on 01884 232010 or by email.

* * *

Lunch preparationEvery second Wednesday between October and March the Beale Centre sees a gathering of 40 or so who meet for drinks and conversation, then sit down to an excellent lunch followed by a short talk by an invited speaker. These are the “Winter Lunches”, managed by Sue Beale and Janet Wooff, which have now become a cherished annual institution since they started back in 2005 at the suggestion of John Hollands and Ted Crowe. All who have a Blundell’s connection are welcome to attend and there is always a good mix of OBs, former staff, parents and others. The speakers are drawn from the same pool and have covered a wide range of subjects – historical, cultural, military, educational – even breeding prize pigs. If anyone is interested in receiving this monthly nourishment for both mind and body then please contact Janet Wooff at The Beale Centre on 01884 232010 or obclub@obclub.co.uk.

Winter Lunch     Winter Lunch

Winter Lunch     Winter Lunch

Winter Lunches dates are listed in the main events table, above.

Contacting the OB Club

Contact information can be found at the bottom of every page on this site. The Club secretary is Janet Wooff.