Welcome to the Development Office

The Development Office will be the focus and means by which all members of the Blundell’s Community can maintain lifelong links with the School and with each other, wherever they may be, nationally or internationally, through social and professional networking events. The Office supports both the School and all constituents past and present, with the aim of ensuring the continued success and prosperity of Blundell’s and all those associated with it. The office aims to nurture support for, and pride in a culture of giving, leading to bursaries and capital projects that will provide the opportunity of a Blundell’s education, as well as the enhancement of the learning experience of every child at the School.

Support the Peter Blundell’s Foundation Awards

Peter Blundell’s Foundation Awards (students walking)

Please help Blundell’s to create life changing opportunities for talented and extraordinary Blundellians by supporting our Peter Blundell’s Foundation Awards (PBFA).

The PBFA ensures that we can offer extraordinary pupils a chance of a life changing opportunity to attend Blundell’s, when they would be unable to do so due to financial constraint.


Support the Annual Fund

The aim of the Annual Fund is to provide resources to underpin some smaller projects selected annually, enabling the enrichment of the Blundell’s experience for its pupils. This year we are seeking support for the following projects:

Biodiversity trail

  • Indoor Hockey Wooden Boards
  • Basketball Hoops and Back Boards
  • Biodiversity Trail
  • Nursery Playground Play Area



Join me and support Blundell's A few words from The Head

Bart Wielenga

Any child of outstanding ability should have access to a Blundell's education regardless of family background or wealth.

I would like to welcome you to Blundell’s, a thriving community, steeped in a rich history but thoroughly ambitious in embracing the opportunities open to pupils today. We provide a safe and nurturing environment in which pupils grow and flourish at their own pace, supported by dedicated staff in the most beautiful Devon setting.

We love being in Devon and we are proud of our links with the county. The wonderful space around us; the rolling hills and easy access to the Exmoor, Dartmoor and stunning beaches is anyone’s dream of an idyllic childhood and that is exactly what we aspire to give our young people. We want to create magnificent memories and the experience of a young life well lived so that when our pupils leave the haven of this wonderful school they are indeed ready for life’s many and varied challenges.

When people ask me what I see when I look at a Blundell’s education, I invariably answer: “I see life lived to the full. Every day filled with challenges and opportunities. The setting cries out for young people to explore and to be busy and involved. However, amidst this abundance, there is also a pace to existence in our corner of Devon that allows us to appreciate the wonderful things in life: not just in nature, but also in the quality of relationships, the time invested in friendships and the ability to give our full attention to those things that capture the imagination. That is the Good Life!”

We take pride in providing an all-round education in which pupils learn to be flexible, articulate and confident in themselves and in their abilities. The tangible sense of friendship and the warm rapport between staff and pupils is at the heart of everything we hold dear at this dynamic and innovative school. Our pastoral care, inside and out of the classroom, helps to develop the character of our pupils and is the foundation for the self-belief and aspiration evident in our pupils.

Blundell’s is a place where effort is highly prized and a wholehearted approach to everything we do is deeply ingrained in the School’s culture. Academic ambition, sporting prowess and cultural richness are part and parcel of the offering and pupils seldom take long to find their place where they can thrive and develop their passions. Each young person is treated as an individual and we strive to ensure that each pupil is individually known and cared for so that when they leave these gates for the last time they have a strong sense of who they are and what they want to do in the world.

Tom Cowle
Tom Cowle
(W 1991-96)

Director of Development

Tel: 01884 232324
Mob: 07970 985430
Email: t.cowle@blundells.org

Katie Kogler
Katie Kogler
(NC 2003-10)

Events Coordinator

Tel: 01884 232324
Email: k.kogler@blundells.org

Linda Bulpin
Linda Bulpin
Development & Events Coordinator

Tel: 01884 232324
Email: l.bulpin@blundells.org