Overseas Ambassadors

Bearing in mind a shrinking world and the increasing number of OBs spending work and travel time outside the UK, the OB Committee decided to ask OBs living abroad whether they would be prepared to act as Ambassadors for the Blundell’s Community. The idea is to provide support and advice for members of the Blundell’s Community travelling or relocating to as many countries as possible.

Listed below are those OBs who have agreed to act as Ambassadors. There is no specific brief for this service. We anticipate requests to range from advice about the cheapest student hostel, from GAP year OBs, to help with relocating a family obtaining work overseas.

Please contact the relevant OB via their email address, giving brief information on your situation and to enquire what assistance they can offer.


Mr Guy Capper (SH 1974-79)

Email: gcapper1optusnetcomau

Marcus HemstedMr Marcus Hemsted (FH 1988-93)

Email: marcushemstedyahoocom


James WaterworthMr James Waterworth (NC 1988-92)

Email: jameswaterworthgmailcom


Mr Brian Fulford (NC 1961-65)

Email: bwfulfordgmailcom


James WaterworthMr Anthony Hadow (NC 1967-72)

Email: hadowdkgmailcom


Michael MoorhouseMr Michael Moorhouse (W 1950-55)

Email: michaelbvmorangefr


Christian BuschMr Christian Busch (SH 1988-89)

Email: mailbuschli

Bertram EchternachMr Bertram Echternach (OH 2012-13)

Email: bechternachyahoode

Hong Kong

Jonathan HollandsMr Jonathan Hollands (OH 1981-83)

Email: jhollands1gmailcom

Robert LennoxMr Robert Lennox (OH 1999-2006)

Email: robertlennox31gmailcom


Mr Andrew Harris (SH 1971-75)

Email: agh1freeyahoocomsg


Mr Roger Sherman (NC 1976-80)

Email: cavedodgeryahoocom

New Zealand

Guy DobsonMr Guy Dobson (OH 1965-69)

Email: guydynamiqueconz

South Africa

Mr James Day (P 2011-11)

Email: jcday95gmailcom


Matthew JonesMr Matthew Jones (M 1976-82)

Email: mdalmainmdmes


Martin AlbrechtMr Martin Albrecht (NC 1959-63)

Email: martineliyetnetch


Mr Phumraphi 'Pondy' Charoenvasnadumrong (P 2009-14)

Email: pondycymailcom

John DavisMr Francis 'John' Davis (FH 1952-57)

Email: fjohn_davisyahoocom

United States

Mr John Mattingly (P 1950-54)

Email: ltgmattnet