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Sponsors, 2022

Corporate Giving

If you run your own business you may find this method a particularly attractive and cost effective way of supporting Blundell’s. When a company gives to a charity, the value of the gift can be offset against the company’s highest rate of Corporation Tax. Companies pay their donations gross and do not have to make any Gift Aid declaration. Tax relief is claimed against the value of the gift when calculating profits for Corporation Tax. Such gifts can be made on a regular or one-off basis. For example, at current tax rates, for a company paying the highest rate of Corporation Tax, the net cost of the gift of £10,000 to Blundell’s would only be £6,750. More information is available on the Inland Revenue’s website.

Sponsorship and Event Proposals in partnership with Blundell's


The sponsorship opportunities outlined would have three main objectives

  • To encourage Blundell’s parents and supporters to consider Sponsors Product/Service when making decisions as to which supplier they use
  • To offer Sponsor an opportunity to promote its service to the Blundell’s Community raising awareness of the service and sales offered by Sponsor
  • To raise awareness of Blundell’s and Sponsor working in partnership to support projects in the School, and events such as the Equestrian One Day Event activity

Promotional Avenues

  • Heritage HolidaysPromoted to Blundell’s parents and Blundellian community. Currently numbers just under 8000 in total, approximately 500 current parents from a pupil body of 900. Predominant catchment area of residential addresses within the South West.
  • Editorial with response phone number direct to Sponsor promoted via Pre-prep bi-weekly newsletter, School House e-bulletin and Senior School end of term newsletter from the Head as appropriate.
  • Promoted via the Development Office and Old Blundellian Club websites and in mailing newsletter to the Blundellian Community.
  • Entry of business on the dedicated Blundell’s Business Directory.

Marketing & Media Visibility

  • Photo opportunity at photo call highlighting the partnership & company support at events
  • Press releases highlighting the partnership, promotion and projects, distributed widely amongst local media both newspaper and TV & Radio in support of events.
  • Your company name and logo featured on a sponsors board at activities & events
  • Your company logo listed on the sponsors collective page of credits in Foundation annual report and on the website & limited period ‘Sponsors Board’ on School display
  • Opportunity to promote your sponsorship of the Blundell’s School on your company literature and to use the wording ‘Member of the Blundell's School Sponsors’
  • The Blundell’s School will make every effort to ensure that the support of the Sponsor is mentioned in press articles about any events sponsored.


  • Prizes
  • Charity Gala
  • One Day Event
  • Rugby Festival
  • Larkman Cup
  • Black Tie Dinners
  • Sports Tours
  • Golf Day
  • Drama and Music Productions
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Prep School Tours
  • Endorsements

Annual Speech Day Prizes

Dedicated Sponsors Speech Day prizes, mention of sponsorship in Speech Day programmes

  • Prep School: £100 per annum
  • Senior School: £150 per annum

If you have a particular subject area that you are keen to support, we are able to accommodate this.

Speech Day at the Senior School     Speech Day at the Prep School


Charity Gala Sponsorship

Blundell's Bar - £1000

  • Half a page advert in the Gala brochure
  • Business banner across the bar on the night
  • 'Business of the Month' promotion in our monthly e[1]newsletter
  • Mention of thanks in social media

Music and Entertainment - £1000

  • Half a page advert in the Gala brochure
  • Business banner across the stage in Big School
  • 'Business of the Month' promotion in our monthly e[1]newsletter
  • Mention of thanks in social media

Wine on Table - £1000

  • Half a page advert in the Gala brochure
  • Labels on all wine bottles on the table with your logo and business name
  • 'Business of the Month' promotion in our monthly e-newsletter
  • Mention of thanks in social media

Welcome Drinks - £500

  • Quarter of a page advert in the Gala brochure
  • Business banner displayed in the 'Welcome Drinks' area
  • 'Business of the Month' promotion in our monthly e-newsletter
  • Mention of thanks in social media

One Day Event – Annual

Event is hosted at the Premier South West Venue, Pontispool Equine Sports Centre.

One Day Event     One Day Event

Premier Schools event drawing schools from a catchment area from Truro to Bath and across to Shaftesbury, some 30 schools represented by 200 competitors and additional supporters and general public. All schools in the South West invited to participate. Regularly attracts media coverage both press and TV.

  • Opportunity in mailing to Schools to include mention of support of sponsor as event sponsor.
  • Name on prizes.
  • Dedicated Sponsor fence.
  • Adverts in the programme.
  • Names Rosettes/competitor bibs.
  • A host of other ways to acknowledge the sponsor support.

To view the Sponsorship Opportunities available for the 2021 One-Day Event, please click here.

Blundell’s Under 16 Rugby Festival

U16 Rugby FestivalAnnual event in August - Schools from around the country come to play in a ‘knock out’ tournament with participation from schools in Bedford, London, Oxford, Bristol and many other locations. A very popular and well attended pre-season Rugby Festival. Any sponsor will be credited with the appropriate size advert in the programme and will have the opportunity to display banners in particularly popular viewing areas around the event.

Main event Sponsorship £300 – Support Sponsor £75.

Larkman Cup Cross-Country

Larkman CupAnnual Event in March - Premier event drawing schools from a catchment area from Truro to Bath and across to Shaftesbury, some 30 schools represented by 500 competitors with additional following supporters and general public. All schools in the South West are invited to participate. Regularly attracts media coverage. Coverage of the sponsor support will be included in the invitation mailing to Schools. Banner exposure and event programme endorsement.

Main Event Sponsorship £500 – Supporting Sponsor £50.

Black Tie Celebration Dinner/Sports Tour Fundraising Dinner Auction Prizes

Our annual dinners are an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our pupils, recent leavers and famous Old Blundellians. Each year 100 to 200 members of the Blundellian Community gather for an evening dinner and auction. Prizes are needed for the auction and sponsors will be mentioned in the evening’s programme and marketing materials in advertising the event.

Cost – Prizes.

Golf Day

Golf DayOur annual Golf Day takes place during the Summer. Teams comprised of Parents, Staff, Old Blundellians, Supporters and Sponsors and the day is usually a sold out event! Sponsors are welcome to sponsor a ‘hole’ or donated prizes for our evening raffle. Sponsors will be mentioned in the evening’s programme and marketing materials in advertising the event.

Cost – Prizes. Sponsorship from £50 upwards.

Blundell’s School and Culm Valley Small Schools Group Partnership (£750)

Annual One day event working with nine local primary schools on a workshop.

Classics Day, 2012     Classics Day, 2012
Culm Valley Small Schools Group Partnership Classics Day 2012

Approx 100 representatives from local Primary Schools come to Blundell’s to work on a one day project taking in different aspects of the day's topic while participating in a fun, collaborative, deduction project to assist with delivery of Key Stage 2 learning on a wider range of living things, materials and phenomena.

Working in partnership with Blundell’s 6th form students and staff deliver a one day programme of activity enabling participating schools to take back to their own environments and demonstrate the skills they have learnt with supporting materials. Cost £750.

Prep School Year 6 Hockey and Rugby Tours

Annual visit to Jersey during the Half Term break. Year 6 pupils almost in its entirety go to Jersey each year on a Sports tour before they move onto their Secondary education. Traditionally sponsors have been sought for the Tour shirts which all the pupils wear during the tour and upon their return. Coverage across the local Press and in the Blundell’s Prep Publications is normally fairly extensive leading up to and post tour. Sponsorship fee packages range depending on how many pupils participate, but normally c. £500 per Girls Team and £500 per Boys Team.

Blundell’s Drama Performance Programme (£25 upwards)

Drama Performance ProgrammeEvery year the Blundell’s Drama department stages a spectacular performance, the productions always sell out. The productions delivered by the Blundell’s drama students are now recognised as being of exceptional quality and always an evening of delightful entertainment, thrilling audiences.

At the performance we produce an A4 glossy full colour programme to detail all elements of the musical and its performers.

Cost of advertising in the programme: Full Page £100, Half Page £50, Quarter Page £25, subject to VAT. Advertisers to supply camera ready artwork.

Endorsement Support

  • Production and Anniversary Receptions – one off events, sponsored by corporate supporter. Acknowledged on supporting materials, numbers vary depending on events. Portfolio includes all School Productions and Performances Cost £200.
  • Building or Subject Support – Various opportunities exist throughout the campus and according to budget availability such as Theatre Lighting, staging, many Science aspects, wherever there is a particular interest, naming opportunities can be afforded.
  • Ten Tors Blundell’s Teams – Annual. Support of the 45 and 35 mile teams of six walkers with training weekends with up to 38 Pupils and additional staff, training in Brecon and the Lake District. Logo delivery on kit. £600.
  • Devizes to Westminster Race – Blundell’s have been particularly successful in this International race in the last five years with our pupils in the top places, this has prompted significant press coverage. 5 crews of 10 students. To enable continuing to build on our previous success, it is hoped to secure funding for two additional boats at £1,000 each, they last in excess of 5 years and are produced by a local West Country firm in Crediton.

These are a small selection of our sponsorship opportunities. Please contact Ben Boswell (Tel: 01884 232324, Email: to arrange a visit to discuss the above and/or a complete list of other continually arising sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsorship Policy

Policy for Advertising and Sponsorship Activity

It was determined that Corporate support is generally confined to two elements;

  1. Individual advertisements in event programmes
  2. Sponsorship of individual events or speech day prizes

Any deviation or offer of support other than the above should be considered on an individual merit basis by the Head in the first instance and referred for consideration of support to the Governing Body if applicable thereafter. No offer of support will be accepted without carrying out appropriate due diligence.

In respect of a) & b) above, acknowledgement would be given in a variety of some or all of the listed avenues;

  1. Credit in various news editorial and press releases, website and news stories produced by Blundell’s School
  2. Photo opportunity for a sponsor at the event
  3. Display of a sponsors banner (at their cost) at the site of the event
  4. Inclusion of a specified advertisement in the event programme
  5. Access to ‘sponsors only area’ to entertain clients, prospects or customers at off-site venues where hospitality options are available
  6. Corporate logo on publicity and promotional literature materials acknowledging support of an event
  7. Mention of support via the PA system at an event
  8. Opportunity to list the sponsors business/service on the Blundell’s Development Office Business Directory

There would be a strict veto on any direct promotion of a Corporate Entity to the Blundell’s Community which includes naming recognition on anything visual, except under exceptional circumstances. Prior approval from the Blundell’s Governing Body would be sought for such occasions.

Blundell’s will refuse any sponsorship or messaging that we believe is incompatible with our mission or charitable purposes. The presence of paid advertisements or editorials on our site, clothing or in our published material (both online and offline) does not imply endorsement of the sponsor company or product. Sponsors must not make unsubstantiated educational claims in material used for sponsorship claims

Published sponsorship messaging is not targeted to individuals but may be placed near content related to the sponsor’s interest. For example, an advert for a sports product may be displayed in a Sports tour brochure. The display and/or the sponsorship is not necessarily related to our content in any way. Sponsor messaging may also appear in or around our site under the same guidelines, at the discretion of the Head.

Blundell’s maintains a distinct separation between sponsor messaging and any other School policy, activity, process or editorial content in published and online material.

Corporate Sponsorship that is prohibited by Blundell’s includes:

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco products
  • Firearms/weapons
  • Fireworks
  • Pornography
  • Gambling/lotteries
  • Political issues
  • Social causes
  • Religious topics
  • Comparative Sponsorship (no mention of competitive brand names within a banner)

Online (email/website) sponsorship formats that are prohibited by Blundell’s include:

  • Pop-ups and floating displays or surveys
  • Displays that have forms within them to collect personally identifiable information while a visitor is on the Blundell’s website
  • Sweepstakes

These guidelines are intended to provide general guidance. They are not inclusive or exhaustive and are subject to change at the discretion of the Blundell’s Governors at any time. The Blundell’s Governors reserve the right to remove any sponsor company message at any time from Blundell’s material during the period of the sponsorship agreement.