Past Events / Reunions

Annual reunions are organised by the Foundation and the OB Club at Blundell’s. The Director sees small groups of OBs when travelling. The OB Club organises annual dinners. Details can be found on the OB Club branch of this website.

Spring Travel 2019 – Thailand, Hong Kong and Australia

The Head, Bart Wielenga, and his wife Lara, accompanied by the newly appointed Director of Development, Ben Boswell, were delighted to welcome so many members of the Blundell’s Community that attended the three overseas drink receptions held in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Sydney this spring.

It was lovely to host these overseas receptions and meet Old Blundellians, prospective parents, current pupils and parents, along with partners and friends of the school.

It was fascinating to learn of the various endeavours that had been undertaken by those who had since left Blundell’s or to get an update on the last time they had engaged with the school. It was a great opportunity to reunite old friends, share experiences and memories of Blundell’s, along with the Head providing an eagerly awaited update on the school’s future ambitions, with lots of positives to report.

It was also great to meet up with Kaew, Om and Aime who kindly arranged dinner on one of the evenings in Thailand. The company and delicious, traditional Thai food made for a lovely evening and a great opportunity to get a perspective on Blundell’s from a current parent, current pupil and Old Blundellian.

A special thank you must go to Old Blundellian Tony Bland, for once again providing a lovely venue at the Hong Kong Club.

The 139th Russell Saturday 9th March 2019

Thank you to all our participants for supporting the Veterans Race.

Name Type No Time
Senior Girls
Rebecca Isdell-Carpenter  Staff  440 00:53:13
Catherine Hall Staff  436 00:53:31
Annika Hedrich-Wiggans Staff  420 00:57:37
Charlotte Mercer Staff  229 01:11:17
Open Russell
Bruce Wheatley Staff  458 00:36:09
Will Palmer  Old Blundellian  447 00:36:27
Tom Frappart Staff  463 00:37:49
John Bishop  Old Blundellian  428 00:38:06
George Gibson  Guest  435 00:38:58
Natalie Coen  Current Parent  432 00:39:16
David Eaton-Jones  Former Parent  434 00:40:21
Adrian Hooper  Old Blundellian  439 00:41:03
Rory Armstrong  Curent Parent  421 00:41:39
Kate Wheatley Staff  459 00:41:47
Rachel Palmer  OB 465 00:41:55
Simon Lund  Curent Parent  443 00:42:49
Rob Salisbury  Current Parent  450 00:42:55
Peter Palmer  Old Blundellian  448 00:43:08
Katharine Armstrong  OB and Current Parent  422 00:43:15
Jason Guest  413 00:43:17
Thomas Nash Parent 412 00:44:28
Jane Youngman  Former Parent  457 00:44:41
Adam Twose  Old Blundellian  454 00:45:03
Edward Palmer  Old Blundellian  446 00:46:59
James Duckworth Parent 297 00:47:47
Tom Ayerst Current Parent  423 00:47:51
Dave Holley Current Parent  438 00:48:18
Harry Bloomfield Staff  462 00:48:43
Kevin Uren Guest  455 00:48:50
Jody Whyte  Old Blundellian  456 00:48:51
Mark Norton  Old Blundellian  445 00:49:12
Tom Grant Staff  461 00:49:24
Georgie Trivett Staff  294 00:49:26
Julian Barter Old Blundellian  425 00:49:50
Pierre Bouhanna Current Parent  430 00:49:55
Jonathan Delafield Cook  Current Parent  433 00:50:24
Guy Templeton Current Parent  452 00:51:11
Christopher Bartlett Current Parent  426 00:51:16
Daniel Marsh  OB and Current Parent  444 00:52:10
Helen Harvie  Current Parent  437 00:52:48
Bart Wielenga  Staff  1 00:52:51
Annabel Taylor-Ross Staff  299 00:53:10
Gaby Borradaile OB and Current Parent  429 00:53:19
Amelia Joyner  Current Parent  441 00:53:20
Richard Winsley Parent 295 00:53:45
Dylan Smart  Staff  451 00:54:09
Matt Radley Staff  2 00:56:18
Alastair Cameron Parent 298 00:56:28
Michael Tobin Curent Parent  453 00:56:58
Adrian Simpson Parent 464 01:00:42
Jasmine Gillman Staff  460 01:00:43
Tanya White Staff  228 01:03:07
Louise Beach  Current Parent  427 01:03:07
Juliana Lim Current Parent  442 01:03:07
Elia Bouhanna Guest  431 01:05:01

Ladies Lunch 27th February 2019

We were absolutely delighted to have Katharine Armstrong, née Babbington (GH 1990-92) as the guest speaker for our annual Ladies Lunch this year.

Katharine joined the Royal Navy after completing a BSc in Biology at Edinburgh University. She was one of the first females to go to sea, and has spent the last 23 years both at the front end of operations and at the heart of the Royal Navy headquarters, driving policy change to deliver a more diverse and sustainable workforce. She fascinated the audience with her stories about the medals she has received over the years, and left everyone feeling incredibly inspired.

Ladies Lunch, 2019 - Katharine Armstrong Ladies Lunch, 2019

Ladies Lunch, 2019 Ladies Lunch, 2019

Ladies Lunch, 2019 Ladies Lunch, 2019

A huge thank you to Katharine who agreed to be our guest speaker this year, to all our guests who continue to support Blundell’s throughout the year, and to our fabulous catering department who always provide a delicious lunch.

Rugby Dinner 8th December 2018

150 years of playing rugby at Blundell's is a fine and historic achievement which we celebrated with a fantastic black tie dinner on Saturday 8 December 2018 with over 400 OB's, parents, friends and team mates who hadn't been together for years.

We were also delighted that Eddie Butler could be our guest speaker for the event. Eddie is a journalist, sports commentator, and former Welsh rugby union player, who won 16 caps for the Wales team between 1980 and 1984. He played as a number-eight and was a Cambridge Blue in 1976, 1977 and 1978 and captained Wales on six occasions. Since retiring from the game, Butler has written a weekly Rugby Union column for The Observer Sport since 1991, and also writes for The Guardian, as well as being a BBC sports commentator.

Rugby Dinner, 2018 Rugby Dinner, 2018 Rugby Dinner, 2018 Rugby Dinner, 2018 Rugby Dinner, 2018 Rugby Dinner, 2018 Rugby Dinner, 2018 Rugby Dinner, 2018

There is no doubt that in 50 years we will be celebrating 200 Years of Rugby at Blundell's School, with some of our current pupils recounting their tales from the rugby field.

Class of 1988 Reunion Weekend 30th November - 1st December 2018

Over 60 Old Blundellians returned to attend their 30-year reunion organise by Tim Hassell (FH 1983-88). The weekend kicked off with a Friday evening meal in the Beale Centre. On Saturday, the OB's enjoyed the 1st XV rugby match on Big Field against local rivals, Taunton School. The remaining party members arrived to attend the evening black tie dinner with lots of stories being shared. If your reunion year is coming up in 2019 and you would like to organise a reunion, please get in touch with the Development Office by emailing or telephoning 01884 232324.

Year 13 Dinner Friday 5th October 2018

Following on from the success of the first parents' dinner last year, Fiona Kitson and Vicky Fraser organised another evening for the Year 13 parents in October at The Ginger Peanut in Bampton. It is lovely for parents to get together for these evenings and planning for the next one is already underway, which will take place at Circa 1924 in Exeter (founded by two 28 year old OB's). The Year Dinners are always enormous fun and the Year Reps really encourage parents to join in their year group's activities or start a group themselves if one is not already in existence.

Year 13 Dinner, 2018 Year 13 Dinner, 2018 Year 13 Dinner, 2018 Year 13 Dinner, 2018

London Casual Drinks Reception – tribute to James Goff (M 1975-79) Thursday 11th May 2017

The sun was shining down on us despite a dreary forecast for our lovely drinks reception at the former In and Out Club in Piccadilly in memory of our original host James Goff. By kind permission of Peter Sullings (former parent) and his OB sons Brett and Kristen who most generously hosted us our drinks reception this year paying tribute to James. Members of the Blundell’s community from the young and old, current and former parents and other supporters of the School gathered together to enjoy a convivial social evening with a delightful supper of Fish and Chips provided by one of the unique catering venues showcased in the Courtyard. Do keep us up to date with your address if you live or work in and around London even though we may have your main address elsewhere so you can be kept informed of our ‘off site’ gatherings and events.

London Drinks, 2017 London Drinks, 2017 London Drinks, 2017 London Drinks, 2017 London Drinks, 2017 London Drinks, 2017

Blundell’s Community Black Tie Dinner Saturday 22nd April 2017

Thomas Plant, OBWe were highly entertained by our Guest Speaker OB Thomas Plant an auctioneer and regular presenter for Antiques Road Trip and Bargain Hunt for our first Black Tie Dinner raising funds for the Annual/Regular Giving Fund and the Peter Blundell Foundation Bursary Award provision in April just after Easter. Thomas enlightened us to a few reflections of his time at Blundell’s and was our excellent auctioneer for the evening. We were treated to a song from current pupil Louisa Everett at the drinks reception on arrival. Members of the Blundell’s community, colleagues of Thomas’s and many our parents enjoyed the delicious meal provided by our Head Chef, Masterchef finalist Craig Sampson who treated us to some wonderful courses sourced from local suppliers. He was a major feature in our Auction prizes enabling two lucky bidders to secure his services for a private dinner for 10 in the near future. Thank you to all those members of the community who joined us for our first Black Tie fundraising event.

Black Tie Dinner, 2017 Black Tie Dinner, 2017

Hong Kong and Bangkok Receptions April 2017

The Head Nicola Huggett and Development Director Amber Oliver were thrilled to welcome so many members of the Blundell’s Community to our receptions in the Far East recently.

Hong Kong reception, 2017

Hong Kong reception, 2017 Hong Kong reception, 2017

We were fortunate to have our Hong Kong reception at the Hong Kong Club kindly hosted by Old Blundellian Toby Bland (SH dates) were we met in a semi-formal drinks reception at the club uniting both Old Blundellians, former and current and prospective parents together.

Bangkok reception, 2017

We then went to Bangkok to the Intercontinental Hotel for our reception with the very kind assistance of Kaew Devakula who helped us gather together our community in Bangkok for the first time. It was lovely to see so many of our current pupils joined with some of our oldest Old Blundellians.

The 137th Russell Saturday 11th March 2017

Thank you to all our participants for supporting the Veterans Race.

Fastest... Name Time
OB, Parents and Staff Results
Old Blundellian Sam Anderson 35.31
Member of Staff Simon Johnson 40.39
Parent Kevin Squibb 36.36
< 25 M Sam Anderson (OB) 35.31
< 25 F - no entries - -
25 – 40 M Will Palmer (OB) 38.03
25 – 40 F Ingrid Robinson (Staff) 43.49
40 – 50 M Simon Johnson (staff) 40.39
40 – 50 F Rachel Palmer (OB) 44.00
> 50 M Pen Haddow (Parent) 38.28
> 50 F Mary Humphries (Current Grandparent) 56.48
OB Results
< 25 M Sam Anderson 35.31
< 25 F - no entries - -
25 – 40 M Will Palmer 38.03
25 – 40 F Georgia Vaines 48.15
40 – 50 M Peter Palmer 47.59
40 – 50 F Rachel Palmer 44.00
> 50 M Steve Dellow 46.23
> 50 F - no entries - -

Blundell’s Community London Dinner at the Travellers Club, paying tribute to James Bullock OB (P 1981-86) Thursday 23rd February 2017

It was within the beautiful surroundings of The Travellers Club and by kind permission of Dominic Roughton OB (House and dates) who was also our Guest Speaker for the evening, we paid tribute to James Bullock who was involved in so many different aspects of Blundell’s and latterly before his untimely death as a Mentor for Blundellians looking to work within the legal world and a very active member of our Governing Body. I am sure James would have found it a very fitting evening to have guests from across both his school, work and personal life gathered together to enjoy a very sociable evening in his memory. Dominic both a colleague from school and their days in Cambridge together and also occasionally in the work place reminded us of a few of James’s many achievements and his joy of bringing support and encouragement to so many of those who crossed his path. Thank you Dominic and to the trustees of the James Bullock Memorial Fund most of who were able to join us for this touching evening.

London Dinner, 2017 London Dinner, 2017 London Dinner, 2017 London Dinner, 2017 London Dinner, 2017 London Dinner, 2017 London Dinner, 2017 London Dinner, 2017

Ladies Lunch February 2017

Ladies' LunchWe had another first earlier this year with our inaugural Ladies Lunch with Guest Speaker author Amanda Prowse, a prolific writer who has over 20 titles to her name. She brilliantly entertained our guests, ladies from across the Blundell’s community, we had a delightful lunch served by our Head Chef and Amanda most generously undertook a book signing giving each of our guests a complimentary copy of her latest book.



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