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Births notified since 31st May 2006. Please email details of births to We would also like photos of babies/parents.

Date Old Blundellian and spouse at Blundell's Birth
14.09.21 Boswell, Ben and Amanda FH 2000-02 a daughter, Senna Mollie Boswell
29.09.21 Frankpitt, Henry and Hannah FH 1999-2006 a daughter, Nora Mary Frankpitt
30.09.21 Frankpitt, Henry and Hannah FH 1999-2006 a son, Gus William Frankpitt
31.05.16 Lambert, Gabrielle (née Cadbury) and Adam (master 2015 to present) GH 1995-2000 a son, Branok Lambert
08.06.16 Armstrong, Katherine (née Babbington) and Rory GH 1990-92 a son, Oscar James Murray Armstrong
27.07.16 Addison, Emily (née Runciman) and Neil NC 1993-95 a daughter, Martha Poppy Addison
22.10.16 Gillespie, John E and Ruth F FH 1997-2004 a son, Barnaby George Gillespie
20.03.15 White, Louisa (née Hipkiss) and Oliver GH 1994-96 a daughter, Scarlett Isobel Louisa White
02.08.15 Blair, Angus I J and Lorna M & FH 1992-97 a son, Monty Iain Oliver Blair
25.08.15 Julien, Alex and Katherine FH 1991-96 a daughter, Isabelle Julien
06.02.14 Eveleigh, Philip P 1994-99 a daughter, Jessica Rose Eveleigh
01.02.13 Hooper, Tom and Elli (née Lanyon) FH 1992-95 a son, Johnny Robert Lanyon Hooper
16.03.13 Julien, Alex and Katherine (née Wragg) FH 1991-96 a daughter, Ava Julien
20.09.13 White, Louisa (née Hipkiss) and Oliver GH 1994-96 a son, Roman John James White
17.06.12 Prowse, Hannah (née Willmer) and Sebastian GH 1995-00 a daughter, Elizabeth
22.06.12 Clapp, Stephen and Renée P 1988-93 a daughter, Seraphine Anouk
28.06.12 Durrant, Sarah GH 1996-03 a daughter, Amelie Sophia Mertes
18.11.12 Marshall, Claire GH 1991-93 a daughter, Lyra Aird Bowen
01.12.12 Hodgson, Juliet (née Bassett) and James GH 1986-88 a son, Barnaby Frederick Cazenove Hodgson
14.03.11 Barton, William M 1993-98 a son, Jack Henry Frederick
05.01.10 Davies, Phil and Ruth P 1985-90 a son, Ivor
23.04.10 Clapp, Stephen and Renée P 1988-93 a daughter, Willow Aurelia
09.07.09 Hippisley-Coxe, Mei Lei   a daughter, Araminta
17.07.09 Morrison, Morwenna (née Pugsley) and Doug NC 1995-97 a son, Alexander John Follett
06.04.08 Davies, Phil and Ruth P 1985-90 a daughter, Megan
28.05.08 Parr, Dan and Katy P 1990-95 a son, Milo James Donald
07.03.07 Reynolds, Helen and Justin SH 1986-91 a son
07.05.07 Usherwood, Jim and Emily GH 1992-94 a daughter, Molly
13.10.07 Williams, Neil and Joy TH 1990-95 a son, Dylan
22.10.07 Hatherley, Candida and Carew SH 1979-84 a son, Charles Carew d'Arcy
14.11.07 Selley, Juliet and Peter OH 1977-82 a son
20.11.07 Clark, Sarah and David SH 1985-90 a daughter
04.12.07 Pugsley, Marton P 1978-83 a son, Mason George
05.12.07 Bending Amanda and Charles TH 1984-89 a son, Felix
19.12.07 Clapp, Stephen P 1988-93 a son, Hector Courtenay
06.09.06 Davies, Phil and Ruth P 1985-90 a daughter, Sylvie
31.05.06 Rackham, Katherine GH 1990-92 a son, Angus William Murray
06.06.06 Annett, Mark M 1968-72 a daughter, Elizabeth Jane
06.06.06 Fleming, Mark FH 1987-92 a son, Ethan Mark
12.07.06 Singh, Soloman FH 1989-93 a daughter, Zia, a sister to Zaynah
30.11.06 O’dell, Hannah GH 1991-93 a daughter, Grace Alexandra