Obituary W G 'Barrel' Hollands

Geoff Hollands was one of three brothers who were in OH in the late 1940s, first under Pump Batterbee and then Pat McElwee. He was known throughout the school as 'Barrel', the middle brother sandwiched between 'Beak' Hollands and 'Beefy' Hollands, all three being of a rather rotund shape. Barrel had a very successful career at Blundell’s, a double colour (rugby and athletics) and was also a school monitor. His main achievements were on the rugby field where he captained the school 1st XV for two very successful years, a rare distinction.

On leaving Blundell's he served with the East African Rifles where he was very proud to have put Idi Amin on a charge for being half undressed (he had a tunic button undone). On leaving the army, Barrel joined his elder brother in the family business of making car batteries. After many years, he then became a publican. He was married and had three sons.

Written by Geoff's brother, John, following Geoff's cremation on 9th March 2015