Obituary Robert Longhurst

I recall Rob competing in Blundell’s School annual cross-country event – "The Russell". To our right was the finish line in the distance, to our left a hill over which the participants would run towards the last leg of the race. We waited and waited, suspense building. At last, a head came into view. The head became my brother Rob, absolutely exhausted but in the lead. Behind him a hoard of runners trying to overtake him. My father was a reticent man not given to public shows of emotion, but on this occasion, he was so excited, he jumped up, ran onto the course and ran with Rob to the finish line. My mother and I were cheering them on. My father was inordinately proud of his youngest son, as was my mother and I.

Robert's friend Ted forwarded these words from Robert's sister, regarding his Russell win at Blundell’s.