Obituary John W Quine (OH 1939-1943)

Taken from the memories of Audrey Quine, John’s wife.

After Blundell’s John had hoped to study at University however,  the war changed many of his plans and in 1943 he joined the RAF as a Navigation Officer. This involved flying with the “Pathfinder  Force” during the war and on occasion involved flying low level over German occupied Holland,  delivering food to the starving, with the Germans keeping their word and not opening fire. After the war John continued his career in the RAF, transferring to the Transport Command which meant that although he was based mainly in the Middle East he also flew to various destinations in Europe and India.

In 1948 John’s original ambition to go to University came to fruition and in 1952 he gained an Honours MA in Economics and Statistics at University. This opened the way for his appointment as an Economist at British Nylon Spinners in their Market Research Division, with some of his work requiring him to travel abroad. In 1980 John decided to take up the option of early retirement as well as a move to the Lake District, enabling him to really fulfil his love of walking and climbing as well as other pursuits and of course giving him more time to spend with his wife Audrey and his two daughters and his son. As a family they travelled on holiday to many countries but notably John and Audrey frequently visited Norway where they gained many friends and John a keen interest in all the flowers and wildlife, especially in the Arctic regions. Over the years they often drove to the north – their car laden with maps, books, cameras and binoculars, not to mention their small tent and simple camping gear!

During winter months John and Audrey were able to enjoy their great love of music, especially opera. By this time they also had great enjoyment from their growing family, including their eight grandchildren. Sadly however during the 1990’s John’s health started to cause some problems, although John remained as calm, cheerful and positive as ever. The Diamond wedding anniversary plans that they later made were not to be and John died very suddenly and unexpectedly in November 2009. He will of course be missed by so many friends and especially by all his family. However they are all helped by the wonderful happy memories that he has left behind. He was so much loved by all and was truly a remarkable person.