Obituary Rupert Selway

R.A. Selway (NC 1944-49) died on 16th March 2016 at his home, Warner’s Farm in North Cambridgeshire, aged 85.

He very much enjoyed his time at Blundell’s and often spoke of his time there. He excelled at running, coming second in the Senior Russell two years running and was captain of NC Athletics. He ran in the Public School Sports in London. At school he had a great interest in chess - very much helped by Bundy Thomas, the then West of England Champion.

After Blundell’s he did National Service in Malta. Following this he studied chemistry and obtained A.R.I.C. Later in his career he was awarded F.R.I.C. He worked as an analytical chemist for pharmaceutical firms and did research on contact lenses. In later years he retired to North Cambridgeshire and bought a smallholding. He was very active in village life and the local church and served as President of the local philatelic society. He was married and had two sons.

Written by Cedric Selway