Obituary Andrew Charles Lovelace Tozer

16th October 1951 - 9th October 2014

The following obituary was written by Andrew's brother, Mark.

Andrew was born in Exeter and brought up at Albion Dairy. In those days the children had to run a milk round to earn their pocket money. Andrew was the only child in the history of the Tozer family to go on strike for more pocket money!

It was a “true to life” Oliver Twist scenario, Father a big man towering over and glaring down at a little boy with his hand out, showing no fear but determination. Father’s face slowly becoming a smile and Andrew given a raise!

Doing well at Norwood Preparatory School in Exeter, Andrew gained a scholarship to Blundell’s and Father recouped his money.

He also managed to succeed academically at Blundell’s, as well as at Fencing, Shooting and playing the Trumpet to the extent of performing in the school’s orchestra.

Completing his studies at Blundell’s Andrew went on to gain a place at Sidney Sussex, University of Cambridge where he studied to make a career in Law. However after his finals he decided that the open road offered a more attractive life and promptly took off to work on the “M1”.

He then went into Landscaping and made a name for himself in the Gardens of the Imperial Hotel in Exeter before going out on his own and doing Landscape Project work in the South Western counties.

As time went by Andrew took on retail gardening, attracting a good number of customers who he worked with until he decided to call it a day and look after Mother who was ailing and need full time help.

Andrew cared for Mother until she had to go into a Nursing Home which offered all the facilities of professional care, where shortly after Mother unfortunately passed away.

He then retired to a Batchelor Flat in Exeter St. Thomas and took up caring for the garden of the Railway Men’s Club which provided company and something to do.

In October 2014 Andrew went down with Pneumonia which also affected his heart. He passed away on the ninth day.

May he rest in Peace