The Peter Blundell Society

The Peter Blundell Society ("the PBS") was established by Old Blundellians over half a century ago. It is a charity whose objects are to provide funds for the maintenance of and additions to the buildings and land of Blundell’s School, for the education of pupils attending the School through the award of bursaries or scholarships and for the furtherance in other ways of the charitable objects of the Founder of the School.

Originally, the PBS undertook all fundraising on behalf of the School. However, nowadays the School (itself a registered charity) has a Development Office with a full time professional staff led by Ben Boswell and conducts these activities. As a result, the PBS does not actively seek to raise funds but works closely with the Development Office. The PBS continues to receive some covenanted income and the occasional legacy, but more importantly it has held the ER Crowe Memorial Fund raised by the OB Club in 2008.

The PBS uses its general income to support a number of smaller Blundell’s projects and initiatives. The ER Crowe Memorial Fund monies are used to meet the educational costs of the Crowe Scholars.

The present Trustees of the PBS are Chad Murrin (Chairman), Jonny Ison (Treasurer), Nicola Huggett, Amber Oliver, Richard Giles, Martyn Grose and Robert Horsey.

The Peter Blundell Society Lottery

In recent years, the Peter Blundell Society (“PBS”) has operated a small scale lottery. The funds raised, net of prizes paid, were applied to charitable causes in line with the Society’s objects. The lottery was administered by Ted Crowe.

By way of example, in 2007 £2050 was raised from the sale of tickets and £1400 in prize draws was paid out. In January 2008, tickets were again sold but unfortunately Ted Crowe died at the end of that month. The sum of £1215 from tickets sales was received by the Society in due course but an incomplete record of ticket holders was recovered from Ted’s estate. No prize draws have been held since Ted’s death.

The sum raised from the ticket sales in 2008 (net of registration and printing expenses and charitable expenditure) presently stands at £919 and is held as a restricted account by the PBS.

The Trustees of the PBS have offered a full refund to those who purchased tickets in 2008. This offer continues to be open until 30 June 2009. Anyone who purchased a ticket for the 2008 lottery and who wishes to receive a refund, should apply in writing to the Secretary of the Peter Blundell Society, who is J.H. Ison Esq, Upper Howden, Tiverton, Devon EX16 5PB.

The circumstances relating to the PBS lottery in 2008 have been reported to Mid Devon District Council, which is the regulator for the lottery under the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976.

After 30 June 2009, the Trustees propose to transfer the balance remaining net of any refunds made, and amalgamate it with the E.R. Crowe Memorial Fund, which is also a restricted fund.

Chad Murrin, Chairman of Trustees